The lonesome inbetween.

Josh wrote…

I feel really uncomfortable not having a pronoun for myself. I don’t consider myself a “he” anymore, but I don’t see myself as a “she” yet either. I feel stuck in a lonesome inbetween that I feel like no one I know can relate to, which makes it all the more difficult to express my concerns […] Above all, I feel weird, and I don’t want to feel weird. I just want to be myself.

How do you deal with being “weird”?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on February 12th, 2009 at 08:00 am

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5 Responses to “The lonesome inbetween.”

  1. Andy

    This might sound a little trite, but I just remind myself that EVERYONE is weird in one way or another.


  2. yoik

    I just have to promote the Spivak pronouns: “ey, em, eir, eirself” etc. They act like “they” without the “th”, so they’re more natural and easier to learn than other gender neutral pronouns like xe and zie. I wish they would spread and integrate to the language. :)


  3. Andy

    Now those are gender neutral pronouns I could get behind.


  4. Christian

    Hey… there’s an undefinable beauty in existing in the space between. I am exactly where you are at, but with a different perception. I am not wholly male, though I feel so much better now that I pass as male. I am most definitely not female and for so much time I struggled with that too.
    The beauty in the duality is having the unique ability to see this life through a heart that can beat in any rythym.
    Let it be, feel the weightlessness of accepting yourself as is. Its not weird, just an unconventional path…


  5. scarlettraces

    I found that the being yourself thing came with time, it did take a while to be okay about the duality, but for now the thing i love about my own place is the inbetweenness of it all, embracing the ambiguity that the rest of the world was seeing actually felt pretty good and allowed me to reach a place where me being weird is okay to me.
    Saying that though, different people have different perspectives and i can get why for others the lonesome inbetween might be pretty hideous……


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