Trans-positive Bank Commercial

This video, a commercial for Banco Provincial, was posted to the GenderQueer Revolution yahoo group & appears in GLAAD’s Commercial Closet archives.

Posted by on April 30th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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16 Responses to “Trans-positive Bank Commercial”

  1. Kate_Sloan

    That just made me cry. I am so amazed & thrilled that gender variance is slowly working its way towards being regularly portrayed in mass mainstream media.


  2. Idgie

    Spain seems to be a country that works a lot for gray and trans people. Its possible to get married if your gay for ex, and look at all movies with t people that Almodovar have done.
    I think its great that a transperson finally have a big role in a commercial!


  3. Alaina

    That's extraordinary.


  4. Rory_Z

    That was so sweet!


  5. Britni

    How absolutely amazing. It's great to see progress, slowly but surely.


  6. Robyn

    This is so good to see.


  7. Tualha

    That *rocks*.


  8. Yalen

    That is just… the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. T__T


  9. TheAwesome

    AW! T__T incredible.


  10. Billie

    That’s great! A wonderful commercial. Makes me want to put money in that bank. Too bad I’m not in Spain.


  11. Claudius Maximus

    Heart warming !!!


  12. Andy

    full of love


  13. XylophoneGender

    :D to all.

    When we switched over from a previous commenting format, some info got lost from the above comments. I wanted to let Billie know that, while Spain is awesome (see:, this particular ad ran in Argentina.

    Ad info:

    The bank:


  14. Gabriel/Sam

    This ROCKS! I love how the lack of discrimination by a third party- a bank, even- helped this man to come to that realization and change both of their lives. Completely awesome.


  15. blacklight

    That is the most touching bank commercial i’ve ever seen!
    Not just that it was gender progressive, but also that it was just so sweet!


  16. Anonymous

    It’s not Spanish, it’s Argentinian, and it’s a quite old ad, I wish they made more like this nowadays


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