A beautiful dress.

Someone wrote…

My body feels like a beautiful dress that belongs to someone else and doesn’t fit me. I want it because it’s pretty but I hate it because it’s not mine. I’m more confused than I’ve ever been.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on March 15th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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13 Responses to “A beautiful dress.”

  1. Mapie

    *big hug*

    The way I figure it, it’s great that you/we can appreciate our bodies, but that doesn’t change the fact that we want to get our birthday suits tailored!

    It gets better ^^;


  2. Quince

    @Mapie I sure hope it does.


  3. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more! I love my body, I just hate how it feels.


  4. s.a.g.

    that’s the most excellent way of putting it.


  5. Kate

    I’ve felt this way my whole life; Thank you so much for putting it into words.


  6. Marion

    Exactly how I feel. I recognize that my body is gorgeous, but it’s not the right shape. If it was someone else’s body, I would love and admire it. Because it’s my own, I hate and despise it.


  7. Echo

    I absolutely understand. You are not alone.


  8. Mercury Mars

    i thought exactly this before i even knew what it meant


  9. nick

    I can relate to most people here. I too am aware that, on anyone else, I would perceive my body as beautiful. But on my, it’s a piece of clothing badly tailored to the wearer.
    It’s too big in some places and too narrow in others.
    I love every part of it that’s not gendered, and if I got those wrongly fitted parts changed, it would be perfect.


  10. Dae

    I agree. I can look in the mirror sometimes and think, ‘Wow! I look nice!’ I can even appreciate the parts of my body that I’m not happy with. But I don’t feel like it’s me.


  11. Cazzie

    Wow. I don’t think that could have been phrased in a more beautiful, poetic or more accurate way. I totally get how you feel.


  12. Anonymous

    My God I know EXACTLY what you mean. In fact, I might steal that analogy when I talk to my guy friends who insist I’m crazy for not liking my hour-glass shape.

    Sometimes I wish I could jump out of this body and then give it to someone who would really love it. that way I could be me, but this beautiful body wouldn’t just go to waste either.


  13. Anonymous

    I get what you’re saying.
    I don’t think that I’ll ever get the courage to metaphorically cut the dress up.

    The dissociation is what gets to me worst.


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