A day in the life

The contributors of the channel Trannystar Galactica respond to the question: What do you think life is like for a cisgender person?

Posted by on October 6th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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3 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. Janus

    I thought the analogy of asking a person without legs about what it’s like to run was both funny and on-point.

    I also wonder what it’s like, and without ever asking (but through observing) I think it must be nice. I get a little pang of jealousy when I see my female friends so comfortable with themselves and so eager to dress up and be feminine. I wish that was something I could do, but for me to play with femininity would just appear to reinforce my gender identity to the world, which is something that makes me really uncomfortable (even if it’s done privately).

    I’d never wish away a part of myself, but I often think that so much would be easier if I were cisgendered.


  2. Astra

    I’m going to cheat here. I’m neutral with a side of tits, perfectly comfortable with the body I have, and more annoyed at the world around me believing that my presentation is related to my sexuality instead.

    It’s… weird, when you look over the fence. It’s something you don’t think about for the most part, like someone with legs not thinking about walking or someone with their body intact not having phantom limb syndrome. A lot of cisgender people just don’t notice. When you are someone like me, it’s like… being on roller skates when everyone else is on roller blades. You get around the rink just fine, but you stand out and people make assumptions about you that probably don’t fit (see: people assuming a different sexuality than I really am).


  3. Alex

    While I’m a little genderqueer, I’m close enough to cisgender to answer. I’m a bit of a tomboy, though, so whenever I dress up, everyone is shocked and embarrasses me. Anyway, I don’t really notice it.


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