A Queer Tune


submitted by Qaiel, the model and photographer.

“Genderqueer masculine-bodied classical singer posing next to a piano in the middle of the day.”

Posted by on August 17th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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22 Responses to “A Queer Tune”

  1. Anonymous

    stunning photo. That is hottttt


  2. Maximillian

    Awesome photo ;o)


  3. Bubblegum Blues

    Gorgeous. Such soft looking skin. I am jealous.


  4. Milo

    Oh my, this actually may be one of Genderqueer’s best right here.


  5. J.D.

    those eyes are amazing.

    wow that totally came off sounding creepy.


  6. Anonymous

    wow…nicely done!


  7. Qaiel

    Anons: Thank you!
    Max: ^,^
    Bubble: Hehe. Exfoliate and moisturize!
    Milo: You mean genderfork? ;3 Soo sweet! x
    J.D.: Nah, not creepy. <3


  8. elias

    i love finding other queers in classical music. especially those with radiant souls and beautiful eyes.


  9. Jessica

    There is a kind of music in your eyes to light the soul.


  10. Qaiel

    Elias: Hehe, you made me blush.
    Jessica: ~swoon~ Oh my, thank you.


  11. Keir

    Wow! Such beautiful eyes…love your dress!!


  12. Anonymous

    oh… wow…


  13. Anonymous

    i swear to god those eyes follow me round the room


  14. Kreily

    WOW. BEAUTIFUL! sorry for the caps lock, but you are GORGEOUS!


  15. J. Sandy

    Oh, my! Who says there is no such thing as love at first sight?


  16. Qaiel

    Keir: thank you. Hehe. And the dress was only a dollar! :3
    Anons: huhuhu. ;D
    Kreily: you are so nice, make me smile.
    J: Not mee!


    Elle replied:

    I think we all agree you take a great picture. Personally, I think it’s cool you’ve taken the time to respond to comments. Cute and considerate is a great combo!


  17. J. Sandy

    I second Elle’s comments. Any more pix?


  18. Qaiel

    Elle: Thank you kindly! I love talking to people and responding to Their encouraging words, especially in regards to a community such as this where I am amongst peers dealing with the same area of identity, it is very affirming.

    J: haha. I do have more pictures, mayhap when I am at my computer I will make a nice little gq gallery.


  19. J. Sandy

    Thanks! Looking forward to it!


  20. Ergane

    Woof! Seriously… I would love to sing with you. :)


  21. Jessica

    GF Choir – what music we would make! I like that idea. People here are naturally collaborative. Cool.


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