At this very moment…

Someone wrote…

At this very moment I am thinking that I don’t want to think about gender anymore.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on December 10th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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8 Responses to “At this very moment…”

  1. L.

    Then stop thinking and start acting the way you feel! ;) I had over-thought all of gender’s aspects to the point that I didn’t want to have a gender anymore, but when all things finally settled down, the term “androgynous” emerged as an ideal I can strive to and be at peace with. Now I wish to focus on how to represent it on the outside, because I feel it is right for me on the inside. That’s quite a big piece of work I got there, it seems, especially since there’s not much I can do to alter my feminine body shape. I’ve already lost weight, which helped a lot to reduce my hips and butt, but it still seems these curves are here to stay since I don’t want to starve to my bones. Maybe building a bit of muscle here and there would help, but a masculine shape would be too much.


  2. Lo

    Exactly! I wish it didn’t exist.


  3. Gib

    I have to smile at how, when posted on the Genderfork main page, this is followed with, “And what are you thinking about gender right now?”

    Well-put. ;) I sympathize.


  4. Anonymous

    Yeah man, just wish it could be a non-issue and we could all get on with living…


  5. The Nerd

    I wish I could forget, but society won’t let me. :(


  6. Anonymous



  7. Jude

    Yeah, man! err…well. That was meant purely as a colloquialism. Shucks. Curse you societal phrases defining gender…


  8. Anonymous

    “Just be” ‘n all that. :)


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