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  1. Anonymous



  2. Jessica

    Lower VI, Saturday afternoon on the way to Leeds with Maddy and Madman to find that very special pub Spider got thrown out of last term. What can I say, it was 1973.

    We had a school uniform with horrid white and black motif. I think they designed the girls’ uniform in 1954 (pleats that required ironing). The boys’ was equally awful and of even older vintage. We managed to make them remarkable dis-uniform off school grounds. I was addicted to RN wool sweaters and had a huge wool coat that could sleep four.

    Attitude would have been entirely in character in our school snaps.


  3. Vicky

    This photo really reminds me of the character November 11, from the anime Darker Than Black.


  4. popvox

    Is that a Djarum Special? I think I’m in love.


  5. nicky


    Sorry. I just finished reading Deathly Hallows.


    Jessica replied:

    Perfect! Wish I’d thought of that!


  6. kendall

    Why does every other person on genderblogs decide to have a smoke in their picture? Its not healthy you guys, its not breaking out of a binary to smoke you guys, srsly you guys, smoking is bad you guys, it kills people you guys, it says so on the box you guys

    *guys, also includes females, and genderneutral people in this context

    other than that I feel inclined to take picture of me and my pipe, which I have never smoked out of, dressed in my finest of steampunk gear, I would go on a steampunk picnic with hawtsmug


    Elle replied:

    Yes, smoking is bad for you. But it’s FUN. Much like lots and lots of other enjoyable things. Like is often a balance between quality and quantity.


    Jessica replied:

    I know that if it wasn’t obviously bad for me (or hideously expensive) I would gladly still smoke. It’s just another in a long list of things I can no longer do or afford.


    Tommy replied:

    As long as you’re not addicted to smoke, it’s not much more harmful than smog and other toxins that you most likely ingest daily.

    Of course, smoking every now and then is different than smoking a full pack every day…but that’s when it turns into addiction.


    Jessica replied:

    My sister smoked 2 cigarettes a day for 20 years… or at least that’s what she claimed. But I could never do that. Guess I’m the type who is either all or nothing.

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