Be Like Others

A 2008 documentary about the people stuck between the law and medicine in Iran: given the opportunity at a decent life as a “diagnosed transsexual” or risk the death penalty for being labeled homosexual. Trailer.

Posted by on June 3rd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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7 Responses to “Be Like Others”

  1. Anonymous

    Be like others?



  2. Anonymous

    I watched this during a film series in school a little while ago. It’s very good, a very interesting perspective. At times sad though =/


  3. kendall

    I just finished reading invisible monsters and “A sexual reassignment surgery is a miracle for some people, but if you don’t want it, it’s the ultimate form of self-mutilation.” stood out to me, I mean it’s obvious enough, but it’s applicable here. I’d think that being forced into any surgery would be awful, probably the one thing worse than being denied the surgery if you did want it.


  4. Jessica

    I have never considered surgery. For me, the whole point is that my identity is not defined only by my physical self. I am me, sometimes one way, sometimes other ways – that’s a really hard bulls eye to hit with a scalpel.


  5. Nick

    Faced with only death as an alternative… I’d go celibate. I’d rather live without romantic and sexual relationships than live in the wrong body.


  6. Ark

    Nick- the problem with that is, that you could still be convicted of it just based on the opinions of other people. I’ve been celibate, and I can say now that going without Kael’s love in my life is NOT worth the pain I went through every single day not having any.


  7. Jessica

    Celibacy is a very personal choice. It is something some people can do and other people really cannot do. It’s not about physical contact so much as it is about intimacy and the wanting of something so much (and getting it). Without that spice in many people’s lives, there’s only a grey expanse of quiet desperation.


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