both sides

Remember her?, originally uploaded by call me casper.

Posted by on December 28th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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10 Responses to “both sides”

  1. Milo

    Ooo, you look cool!


  2. JB

    I love your style and your glasses and your hair!


  3. Casper

    Oh wow – I didn’t think this photo would be posted on here so quickly, nor did I think people would like it and all that.

    Thank you, though! ~


  4. Jessica

    Love your look, too, but you need a much longer scarf… you know a Dr Who (Tom Baker) scarf, 13 feel long and random stripes. Then you could move with elan between your versions more easily.


    Casper replied:

    Thank you. I actually was planning on buying a longer scarf; I’m trying to find one that’s similiar to the one in my picture. I’ll keep looking, aha.


    Jessica replied: It’s a very easy project. I used size 11 needles for mine, with 50 stitches per row. Very warm, too.


    Casper replied:

    Oh sweet! I’m going to try and make one, then. It’d probably come in handy for the really cold winters, aha. Thank you.

    Samson replied:


  5. Jessica

    @Casper I usually wear very little to bed and have a very cold bedroom, so the covers are difficult to get into. So, I will, in the coldest weather, wrap the scarf around my shoulders (if doubled, it reaches to my feet on either side) and get into bed with it surrounding me. Much warmer. It protects my shoulder from drafts and I can put my arms between the two layers of the scarf and be warm without putting my cold hands on the comparatively warmer parts of me.


    Casper replied:

    Haha, that’s awesome. I am definately going to make one of these scarfs now.


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