Channeling Zac Efron

_MG_2770, originally uploaded by missmaro.

Posted by on March 1st, 2010 at 10:00 am

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15 Responses to “Channeling Zac Efron”

  1. BamBam

    Pshaw, Zac Efron could sell his soul to the devil and he still wouldn’t look this good.


  2. Tamar

    quirky. artsy. intriguing. gorgeous.


  3. M

    Adorable! You have a great smile.


  4. Pugnacioun

    I agree with BamBam.


  5. Gabriel

    omg ze is so beautiful :)


  6. Louche

    Gabriel – word. Among the cutest things I’ve ever seen. And nice tattoo(s).

    Face reminds me of Cameron Diaz. But I dig the androgyny more.


  7. other julian

    i didn’t think there was a force on this earth that would make anything related to zac efron attractive to me. (i was wrong.)


  8. morgan

    Hot! And great smile! : )


  9. Tanya

    Holy shit! this is me! who took this picture? thanks for the flattery beautiful creatures!


  10. ashley

    such a handsome girl


  11. Meike

    @other julian: Ha ha, totally agree. Much better-looking than Zac Efron could ever be.


  12. kelli

    ZACE EFRON IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! hes so freaking cute!!!! hes not as cute as my boyfriend but he is really freaking cute!!!
    one day im going to get my ten minute makeout with him!!! =]=]=]=]=]=]


  13. Louche

    Tanya, there’s another interesting photo of you:

    That club looks reeeeally interesting. New York? What club is that? There are virtually no female-oriented queer clubs here in D.C.


  14. Anonymous

    I thought the same thing– that club looks awesome. I wish I could find a club like that. Where is it?


  15. a.j.c.r.

    irresistibly attracttive


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