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I decided that my gender is ‘dragon.’ I mean, it’s ‘technically’ genderqueer but I have dubbed my own personal flavour as ‘dragon.’ Because dragons make everything better, are awesome, and come in a whole boatload of varieties.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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20 Responses to “Dragon.”

  1. Mad

    Hmmm…werewolf, I think. Transforming, and rather hairy.


    Jay replied:

    Lol! Love it!


  2. Juu

    Oh my god yes.


  3. Chris Marie

    Hah! I do the same thing. I like to switch it up. If Facebook allowed a type in for gender, I’d change it every week. I think it was two weeks ago I decided I was a unicorn. :P


    Anonymous replied:

    Omg, I love unicorns! I claimed pineapple as my gender. But I might have to steal your idea XD


    Dimmie replied:

    Pineapple! That’s excellent. I might have to steal *your* idea :D


  4. AJ

    When people ask me what I am, I say “I’m crazy!”


  5. Ronen

    I’m a Time Lord. Seriously.

    Non-human gender identities rock my socks. Calling myself a faery or a hobbit (or a Time Lord) makes way more sense than calling myself a woman or man ever did.


    Jay replied:

    That is an awesome blog post! Geekery, ftw. :D


    Ronen replied:

    Ty Jay *fwoosh fwoosh fwossh* <–TARDIS noise


    Chris Marie replied:

    Hah! “I’m sorry, what gender are you?” “Oh, I”m an alien, actually.”

    Jay replied:

    Hee! xD

  6. BrianTheDragon

    I’ve never thought of Dragon as a gender exactly. It’s just who I am.

    Yes, I like to think I can make things better for people. Even a tiny bit. That’s just what I try to do.

    It’s lovely just knowing I’m not alone.


  7. kendall

    I myself, I think am some kind of sapien? I lean beast, for sure. Possibly a 90’s disney style gargoyle? I tend to perch and be nocturnal and brute strength followed by loneliness? But am very in awe of this one femme mermaid/nymph/fae who is a lovely anarchronism (she rarely admits to it being any decade past the 50’s) But I am not a hobbit..or..hylian..or..tolkienesque myself. Possibly a former geek amazon…trying my luck as a secret spartan? Though I’d fare better with Athenians.


  8. Andi

    I wear a dragon pendant all the time. People gravitate to it and ask me what it means to me. I tell them it is my personal expression. Some people get it, some people act like they do, but just leave it alone. I’m just glad they admire it and I feel like I’m a part of it.


  9. Jessica

    I’ll be a Brown Dragon (Arisaema triphyllum)

    Not the most pretty of plants, but one which has definite beneficial uses and which expresses sexual differences at different stages of growth – presenting both male and female at the same time.


    Jay replied:

    That is very cool. Plants are rather fascinating!


  10. Miranda and Will

    I love you so much right now.


  11. klin

    i remember when i was a child, i tried to transition into a dragon (starting with the name-changing for Nogart, i took it so seriously i even signed my school papers that way)… i guess it didn’t really work, but now i identify as gender-neutral (because i never felt guy or girl)
    you might want to read about Micha CardenĂ s’ project on “becoming dragon”, in the new “Gender Outlaws : the next generation” (assembled by Kate Bornstein and S Bear Bergman, by the way)


  12. Adair

    I’m a mosaic gynandromorphic butterfly or other form of chimaera. Also, I am too busy being nerdy to be male or female.

    Laughed so much at this discussion. First I’ve heard of it. ;)


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