Enter to Exit

Y:2 Day 242: Enter to exit, originally uploaded by Junxs.

Posted by on September 22nd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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  1. kendall

    Okay so, I saw this before my shift, didn’t really know what I thought of it, came home, had a nap, woke up and no one has commented? What is that all about?
    I went through the gallery on flickr, stalkerstalker I know, but it IS the internet and it IS 5am–
    I think its a fine pic as far as composition, lightings beautiful as well as the wall itself is so textured oh and the tattoo, muah! I am bitter cause my day started off with the crunch of me stepping on +$150 DJ I just don’t know how much of it felt genderqueer to me, it had a femme vibe to ME but I am not the photographer, model, sender, the admins posting or the 1000s of others viewing this picture–I am merely 1 person with my own perspectives…

    HOWEVER after exploring I DID see some examples of total androgyny and fell in love with:

    ” Day 170: Sometimes…
    I tie this ribbon around my head and try to be feminine. I fail miserably.

    I am a 12 year old boy with lady parts. ”

    Spoke to me, as did Day 121, there are some days that I totally saw boi if not boy!

    Its like 6am maybe 7am the clock on my computer is different timezone to sync with a friend, and I now have less concept of time, and even less knowledge of what I am rambling about.


  2. kendall

    *dj quality headphones but that I have music tattoos of my own and that this is something to celebrate


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