Eyework, originally uploaded by Morpheus © Schaagen.

Posted by on December 22nd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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7 Responses to “Eyework”

  1. Anonymous

    that is freaking awesome eye make up. *absolutely jealous*


  2. Bob

    I am a little bit scared of you. But in a good way.


  3. Milo

    I’m a bit scared in a bad way, but I respect your lifestyle choice to scare people…just don’t scare me :)


  4. Anonymous

    No offense but that is freaky. Especially with all that eye makeup.


  5. kendall

    The eyes don’t bother me, the make-up doesnt bother me, the lipring doesn’t bother me, the teeth are fine, the eyebrows are bushy but so are mine, but as much as it is fun and gothy cyber punk manson fan, which I am all for, I don’t think OMG IS THAT A BOY OR A GIRL THEYRE AWESOME ANDROGYNES FOR LIFE! I just think, contact lenses hurt my eyes.


  6. Charli

    The above comments are ridiculous. Can’t believe the audacity that genderforkers can be so closed minded; “lifestyle choice to scare people” .. !?

    Anyway, you are beautiful ^^ Awesomeness. Nice to see some alternative fashion.


  7. j-bird

    Wow, what an intense look! You have a straightforwardly beautiful face, and your style is beautiful in sort of a challenging way (that is to say, I had to look back at it several times before I could really take it all in, and I keep seeing new things about it when I look again). Oh, I also love the black-auburn color of your hair.


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