Flower offers a welcome contrast to many Disney characters.

Posted by on May 11th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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10 Responses to “Flower”

  1. L.S.

    WAY cute. <3


  2. Anonymous

    when i had skunk hair it was my nickname


  3. ari

    The flirty body language and tone of, well, baby cartoon animals kinda creeps me out but aside from that, it’s adorable.


  4. nick

    I like Mulan.
    But flower is cute.


  5. Lexi

    ari – I don’t think it’s flirty or has a ‘tone’. Bambi is innocently calling it as he sees it. Flower is reacting flattered. Be careful not to do the ‘Batman is gay’ thing and view the “innocent” with overly mature eyes!

    (Not to say gay is unsuitable for chidren, obviously. But with Batman people read far too much into innuendos that weren’t there. Close male friends =/= gay people!)


  6. Gene

    But… but that’s the best part of Batman!


  7. Tamworth

    I mean, my mom tried to tell me not to see so much gay in everything, and I was like D: BUT IT’S SO MUCH FUN! DON’T TELL ME TO TURN OFF MY SLASH GOGGLES WHEN I WATCH LORD OF THE RINGS!


  8. Jay

    Lol at the slash goggles, Tamworth! They can be quite fun.

    But I definitely think this was honestly (Disney’s track record aside) meant to be fairly innocent. When I was little (and even now) it always came off to me as Flower being all shy and bashful, not flirty.


  9. Sarah Dopp

    holywow i’m so glad this just got posted.


  10. Anonymous

    Oh I geti it. It’s like a person who identifies as something other than the gender that they were born to, right? Like if somebody wanted to call me a guy (I identify as male) I would say “I don’t mind”.


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