Geek Chic

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Posted by on October 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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15 Responses to “Geek Chic”

  1. J

    Awesome style!


  2. eemp

    Oh my, yes. I do say, you’re very attractive. Jawline, cheekbones, yes. Also, I’m growing my hair out to just that cut, and uh– um. Can you stop being hot for a second I am trying to make words here


  3. Sam

    This photo just redefined sexy.


  4. Eliot-Anna

    Oh my God! You are a beautiful person and I want to own every thing you’re wearing. In fact I think I do own that blazer.


  5. Jay

    Love. That. Coat. Or blazer, or whatever. Gorgeous.


  6. Tetsu

    I must say, you are quite the looker. A handsome geek indeed!


  7. James



  8. Jessica

    Joe Cool glasses and an Eaton blazer… Love the cravat. You are a person of imminent fashion. Terrifically sexy. Makes me wish it were a look I could pull off.


  9. kendall

    Essentially thats the look I fall just short of, you’re stunning.


  10. L

    Pure beauty!


  11. Oliver

    Absolutely stunning.


  12. Popinjay

    Wow. just wow. I second all the compliments above.


  13. Shana

    You’re so beautiful!


  14. Sparky

    Adorable!! Where is your blazer from?


  15. Anonymous

    Ugh just come into my basement and play mariokart with me all night.


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