Genderplayful Marketplace: Let’s make it happen!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for all your support for the Genderplayful Marketplace idea. We’ve launched the fundraiser, and already raised $2400 in the first week (plus $335 for the PayPal Haters Fund) from a combined total of 91 backers.

*pause* Did you get that? If you’re skimming, take a second to go read that last line again. None of those numbers are typos. This. Is. Real.

For those who are hearing about this for the first time, here’s the spiel:

What’s the Genderplayful Marketplace?

Genderplayful is a plan for an online clothing marketplace that celebrates diversity in gender presentation and body types. This is for anyone who can’t easily find what they’re looking for in a typical clothing store, with special support for androgynous, unisex, butch, dapper, femme, gender-bending, gender-transgressive, and gender-fanflippingtastic clothing solutions for all kinds of bodies.

Genderplayful cares about custom solutions, and the marketplace will host a lively community that finds and creates those solutions together. Vendors will include indie designers, crafters, clothing makers, tailors, and people selling things from their closets and local thrift stores. Community members will pool notes on what they’re excited about, and vendors will take cues from buyers on what to create more of. The goal is to create a culture-rich gorgeous Internet bazaar for the playful, the exquisite, and the just trying to get dressed in the morning.

About the Fundraiser

If Genderplayful can raise $5,000 in community funding by January 15, 2011, founder Sarah Dopp will commit to making the project a reality. Anything above that baseline number will go toward making the project happen faster and better. (Really, she needs more like $50,000, but she’d rather do it cheaply than wait to do it perfectly.) All financial backers will receive perks based on their contribution level.

Wanna donate?

You can do that right here:

And please spread the word! The more supporters we can rally early on, the stronger this community project will be. The main event is taking place over here:

Thank you so much for all your support everybody!

So much love,
Sarah Dopp
founder of and the Genderplayful Marketplace

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14 Responses to “Genderplayful Marketplace: Let’s make it happen!”

  1. tigr

    Wheeeee =)


  2. Hodge Podge

    I can imagine it’s a bit of a nightmare and maybe infeasible, but would the site be open to international markets?


    tigr replied:

    If not, I want to have my money back ;p


  3. Sarah Dopp

    Yes yes! As long as our payment systems work in that country (check paypal’s policies — we’re starting with them), we aim to be as global as possible!


    Hodge Podge replied:

    Tres awesome :D


  4. xD

    YESYESYESYESYESYES!! First the eclipse and now this post; this is officially the raddest Winter Solstice ever.


  5. J.D.

    I wish I wasn’t a poor college student… I want to contribute.


  6. Elle

    I wish I’d submitted a photo to Genderfork at some point in the past so I could be in the awesome video too. :D


  7. Lizzi

    Happy to donate. :)


  8. Lane

    Merry Christmas Sarah! Thanks for all you do. I made my donation today as a Christmas present.


  9. Pedro

    Amazing idea guys !

    like always. eheh
    was really surprised to see my pic on the video!!!
    I’m honoured to be a part of this great genderbending community.

    best luck and I’m really cheering for successfull funding.
    Love from Barcelona


  10. Sou

    Victory! We have over 5,000! It’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen!


  11. Bellatrix

    Is there room for gender ambiguous body products like salves and massage oils and some facial wipes. They are all made with essential oils, organic oils and beeswax and organic dried herbs. What do you think?


  12. Francisca

    Consequently, just-in-case somebody points out for your
    problems, it kind of activates all kind-of self-defense
    motion in you.


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