Kypri wrote…

I gendertroll chatroulette. I love how often I get asked “BOY OR GIRL?!” by confused guys wondering whether I have tits they should demand to see.

(I was also inordinately pleased by the one-time “Nice panties, fagboy.” Silly homophobe, that is a compliment to me!)

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on May 24th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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13 Responses to “Gendertroll.”

  1. AJ

    Right on! :3


  2. Anonymous

    That sounds like fun.


  3. Jay

    Gendertroll? New favourite word. xD And that does sound like fun!


  4. Anonymous

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one who does this! :)


  5. Jen

    I once went on chatroulette wearing a binder and a stuffed bra. Every time someone typed TGFO, I’d pull out my plastic boobs and watch their horror.

    Large sunglasses advised: it sucks to become an internet meme and be seen by everyone you know.


  6. Jessica

    Like most folks, I spend most of my time trying to skate under whatever radar is present. Other peoples’ lives aren’t about me. I work. They work. We often have to work together and I don’t want to limit the people I can work with to only those people who have achieved a level of enlightened sophistication not to react adversely to my personal nonconformity.

    Notwithstanding, it sound like fun to troll. We used to wander around downtown Philadelphia playing invisible basketball and what was most fun was the occasional suit who would join in and steal the ball. I think I’d find the most fun uncovering the rare person who would appreciate and approve of the kind of performance art you’d be doing.


  7. Danny

    My girlfriend really enjoyed cutting her hair short and then having someone on Chatroulette call her a fag.


  8. Anonymous

    Hey, I do that too. That and getting guys to hit on me then telling them I’m male.


  9. Nick

    It’s CHATROULETTE. I wouldn’t take anyone serious on there.


  10. Tristan

    I like wearing a cat costume or focusing the camera on my elbow ^.^ Most pathetic comment ever: My friend: I’m asexual Guy: Can I see your asexual boobs?


  11. Rhube

    Whenever I’m on Omegle, people seem to get deeply offended by the fact that I don’t identify in the gender binary.
    They’ll say “ASL”? And I’ll say “16, irrelevant, Canada”
    And then they’ll argue with me, or disconnect.
    Or they’ll say “M or F?” and I’ll say “Sex, or gender?” And they’ll say “Same thing.” And I’ll explain to them the difference, and they’ll say “M or F?” And I’ll say “Sex or gender?” And they’ll say “Both.”
    And then they just argue with me when I tell them.
    It’s a silly world out there.
    It blows my mind that people that stupid are even able to turn their computers on.


  12. Quince

    @Rhube: The same thing happens to me all the time!


  13. Mich

    On omelge video chat they burn out their brains figuring out if I’m a girl or a guy and usually decide I’m Justin Beiber in the end.


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