“A Gentlemen” submitted by Skyler, the model and photographer

“My top hat has been with me through all the awkward stares I got in high school. Who says ladies can’t be gentlemen, and gentlemen can’t wear make-up?”

Posted by on February 14th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Gentleman”

  1. ElegantAndrogyne

    Pretty, I like that as well :)


  2. Lanthir

    The right hat can often save the day. I don’t know where I’d be without my trusty tricorn.


  3. Anonymous

    LOVE IT. You look awesome skyler.


  4. Hikaru

    You look great. And I love top hats <3.


  5. Adisson

    @Lanthir – You should submit a picture of you and your tricorn! :D


  6. Tamar

    this is hot, dashing, and generally fantastic. i happen to collect hats, so i gotta love that too!


  7. Echo

    I would wear my top hat every day to school, but my school does not allow hats of any kind.


  8. Chris

    Awesome! I love top hats and bowler hats.

    I always thought it was interesting and weird that the same stereotype has been fitted to “chivalry”. Back in the day, it was a powerful, universal code. Nowadays it just means “I’m a guy who does nice stuff for girls”. When did this happen? I told someone “girls can be chivalrous, too”, and got a laugh as if it was a joke. But then again, I think most guys who claim a belief in “chivalry” are just trying to score some easy points with the ladies…


  9. Aran

    You look so fabulous!


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