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The day I realized bras are optional was glorious.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. Karen



  2. Lanthir



  3. Anonymous

    They aren’t optional when they are the only thing keeping you from suffering intense back pain. :(

    Though, it’s always nice to know when a piece of annoying attire is something you don’t need to wear.


    julian replied:

    Very true!


  4. Elisha

    The day I realized I can use bras to batten down the hatches instead of hoisting the mainsails was glorious.


    Emile replied:

    :D !!
    I love how you phrased this.


    Libby replied:

    Same here! I remember when I discovered the flattening effect of a sports bra plus an undershirt. Bras went from irritants to allies. :-)


    Lys replied:

    Second the sports bra. (:


    Meike replied:

    Third it! Although I’ve always worn them, it only recently occured to me how lovely and comfy they are in comparison to “real” bras. Plus, they help me pull off the look I’m going for so much easier. :D Yay for sports bras!

    Levi replied:

    Even though it’s not my experience (I didn’t wear anything but sports bras for years), I love the way you put this. :}

    I had a similar sunlit moment of revelation when I realized I could stop the bounce by wearing more than one bra at the same time. (Underwire + sports is especially good for that.)


    Jaq replied:



  5. Sunshine

    Very freeing.


  6. kendall

    I find that my binder feels more secure when I wear support, until I started sleeping with people, I always slept in a bra, I wear my white binder with my white bra and my black binder with my black bra and it just feels like a layer, I have the backpain too, but anytime anyone feels empowered or not imprisoned [especially by something as silly as a garment] its a beautiful thing


    Samson replied:

    Please please please be careful with binders and layering. It’s not recommended to wear anything more restrictive than one binder, nor to sleep in a binder–you can cause bruising and fluid buildup in your lungs.

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade, I just used to wear two binders sometimes and have since learned that it is a health no-no. Though–two binders is more restrictive than a binder and a bra, I’d bet.


  7. kendall

    I dont wear 2 binders, though it does make you much flatter, and its not a wire bra, its a sports bra not a lot of form to it, and I have heard of wearing a frogbra with a binder, mine is just a soft non retrictive sports bra so that I never slip out the bottom of my binder again cause thats embarassing to be like, hey yeah normal guy..with boobs on his stomach..but a perfectly flat chest..kill me
    I go through binders quick, and I’ve tried letting them air dry and machine washing and they always seem to over stretch and then I go buy a new one, theyre the right size when they start and then lose their shape, its no fun…But a soft bra and a binder for a few hours is fine, I don’t bind at work since they see me as female and I’m quitting that job soon, and I don’t bind at home because its just me who am I trying to pass for when its me? But when I go out in public for a few hours, I’ll bind. If I feel too squished or have any pain, I give myself a day or two before doing it again, I don’t over do it.


  8. androfemme



  9. Captain Crowdeath

    Sometimes I wear a bra to hide, sometimes to not hide everything. One day it can be flat, another day it can be WHOAH where did THOSE come from? I never really cared for the size, so this is all fine.

    Could anyone please comment how they feel about this? Do you “change sizes” (so to speak) from time to time?


    Anonymous replied:

    YES. Some days I just want flat and inconspicuous in a baggy t-shirt and the next day I’m in a V-neck and flaunting them XD It just depends on the day! :)


    Morgan replied:

    I have a binder, a sports bra, a t-shirt bra and a padded bra, and as soon as I have spare clothes money I’m planning on getting a better binder (I’d go without anything some days if I didn’t know how uncomfortable it would get). I change sizes massively depending on just how masculine/feminine I’m feeling on any given day.


    Kit replied:

    I do the same thing! I have a binder and a sports bra that is rather…uplifting, and I switch off between wearing one or the other, or wearing neither, or wearing a camisole with a shelf bra. I can go from “almost flat” to “OMG CLEAVAGE” depending on how I feel, and I quite like that. :D


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