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VFMarion writes, “Male model Tyler Riggs modeling an outfit for H&M’s spring collection. Could it really be true that such a totally sensational skirt for men is actually coming to an H&M near you? Wouldn’t it be sensational if cute guys began appearing out and about it outfits like this one? I can’t wait.”

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20 Responses to “H&M”

  1. James

    Wow, that would be nice <3


  2. Julian

    Tyler Riggs is *swoooon*


  3. Rebecca

    My first thought was ‘oh sexy shirt!’ and then I kept scrolling down. Cute guys in skirts! Yummy!


  4. Tor

    OMG I want one NOW NOW NOW!!!
    I really hope they come in any colour other than charcoal… like orange would be nice, and may even happen since it’s been on the H&M palette for a couple seasons now. If I get an orange H&M manskirt I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take it off! :D


  5. Anonymous

    Finally. i just love to see guys in skirts. it’s about d*n time.


  6. Rin

    Nice! That skirt has an excellent line, it’s very flattering. ^_^


  7. Anonymous



  8. Aran



  9. J

    Yes please!


  10. Jørgen

    Hmmm, this makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to wear skirts in public without catching the ‘the eye’ ;)


  11. Zephyr

    Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this has been tried before. It’s never worked.


  12. BDan

    It’s worked pretty well in Scotland. :-) And brands like Utilikilts have been making significant inroads in the U.S. Of course, a skirt is somewhat different from a kilt, but I still think there’s a chance for them to become more popular.


  13. Jack

    Kilts aren’t really as popular in Scotland as people seem to think. Mostly people wear them for things like proms and weddings instead of a suit. Or when they’re trying to make money off of tourists ;)

    I would love to see more boys in skirts though. It would be pretty awesome.


  14. niceskirt

    When thinking about what sort of skirts I would like to wear – this style and colour always came to mind. (knee length and gray.)


  15. BamBam

    I don’t know if it technically counts as a “skirt”, but I’d like to point out certain populations where a man in a long flowing fabric is the norm. Indian men wear dhotis, Malaysian and Indonesian men wear sarungs, there is the Senegalese kaftan, and the traditional Arab dress thawb.

    Granted, you won’t see any of these men in typical Western women’s fashion skirts, like a miniskirt, but the fact is that non-pants garments do exist for men and are used as everyday, practical items of clothing, and everyone wears them.

    Of course, these are garbs of culture, tradition and practicality and are not fashion statements. However, just as I argue that I love pants for the comfort and convenience, you males can argue as well that you like to wear skirts for whatever reason. They are just clothes, not sex indicators.


  16. Austin the Cowboy

    Love it! Actually, skirts for men have been appearing on the runways a lot lately. Women’s fashion has been drawing influences from menswear for a long time, so it’s about time the men started taking cues from what the ladies have been wearing. Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and even Adidas have all recently designed skirts for men.


  17. Anonymous

    I would definitely buy one, and I’m not even that skirt-intensive on a normal basis.


  18. Patti

    It is so nice to see men wearing skirts. Male Femininity is a concept whose time is now coming!


  19. strikemaster

    Patty, skirts aren’t feminine by history and our anatomy, fit male’s body much better, prevent against overheating the testicles, so decrease risk of some serious diseases.
    It’s not “male feminity” but return to the roots.


  20. David

    It’s so nice that men are finally coming to realize that they should look attractive, and ignore those mentally ill lunatics who feel threatened by it.


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