I often dream…

kyg wrote…

I often dream as a genderless version of myself.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on October 27th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “I often dream…”

  1. radical/rebel

    I often live as a genderless version of myself


    Meike replied:

    Yes!!! Totally this!


    Anonymous replied:

    I wish I’d do that.


  2. Jessica

    My dreams have very little gender to them… Other people are just people, good, bad, mixed, but not men or women or trans… I am just me. I can’t remember having a sex dream. I have lots of sex fantasies, but not when I am asleep apparently. It’s like when people ask me if I dream in colour. I don’t know.


  3. Aeryn

    I dream in shapes and colors. No gender is present and people are represented as floating balls of energy. Feelings are how communication takes place and thus dreams are extremely confusing at times.


  4. Libby

    My friend and I have always changed gender in our dreams. Sometimes we’re men, sometimes we’re women and sometimes we’re genderless. When I was younger I was most often a man, but now I’m generally genderless or female. I also often change genders mid-dream, multiple times per dream. Its like my subconscious is compensating for what my body can’t do.


  5. Milo

    @Jessica: I have never had a sex dream either. Someone in high school thought that was very, very strange. A couple days after they mentioned this I had one (I suppose that’s just because of what they said though), but never have had one again.

    I do know that I would often say as a child that I wish everyone was only one gender, and that any two people could reproduce with each other. No one ever agreed with me, but I still sort of imagine that that were the case, no matter how biologically impossible it might be :(


  6. Lo

    Cool! I’m female and usually dream of myself as a man.


  7. kendall

    I switch genders in my dreams, sometimes I’m a man, getting ready for work, at a mirror shaving my face and then in the next scene I’m still me, getting ready for bed, with my leg against the tub shaving my legs, it’s strange. I’m always me, I dream in the first person, but sometimes that person is male, sometimes female, sometimes not mad at people I haven’t spoken to in years and I wake up and want to call them. Sometimes people who aren’t alive anymore are healthy. Sometimes I think its perfectly normal to go to Kevin Smith’s house and find that silent bob is a very good listener. Sometimes I visit with customers who buy condoms from me at work and they are asking why I painted my elephant, I say because vertical stripes are slimming, this does not seem out of place. I wake up confused.


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