In the Park

Kayla I, originally uploaded by bethhommel.

Posted by on May 27th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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14 Responses to “In the Park”

  1. Quince

    I love your hair ^_^


  2. Anonymous

    Dear god, you are gorgeous!


  3. Ben

    It’s strange how small the world really is. The girl in this picture is the girlfriend of the assistant of musician Amanda Palmer, whose music was the soundtrack to my first coming out story. I gained a sense of this-is-ok-ness and community from those three people, and they gave me a warm welcome into the queer community at a time when I was really struggling to accept myself. Now, as I’m coming out in a different way, I stumble accross them again in my new genderqueer world. I guess I realy owe a lot to both beth and this girl, for being my gatekeepers as I start to come into myself.


  4. kendall

    I love afp too, seeing evelynevelyn in a few weeks


  5. Fiona

    You are simply gorgeous imho.


  6. Anonymous


    The color is amazing, too.


  7. lily bell

    you’re beautiful


  8. the raven

    beth and kayla are so adorable together it kind of hurts. and beth’s photography is beautiful.


  9. Cyd

    Amazing hair color! Really quite stunning! I really love your elfin features too.

    Does anyone else think this would make a good Belle and Sebastian album/single cover? it looks a lot like the sort of thing they do.


  10. Alex

    You are so unbelievably gorgeous. Wow.


  11. Anonymous

    *fans self* HOTNESS.

    Beth ‘n Kayla are SEXY. I was actually at the concert on Beth’s birthday, where Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman were singing happy birthday to her, and then they passed around the cake and I grabbed giant chunks of it and my hands were disgustingly sticky for ages. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME.

    TL;DR they’re hot. :D


  12. Riley

    Wow, now this is a fantastic picture. So clear and you look amazing :)


  13. Anonymous

    You are flipping gorgeous.


  14. kendall

    gorgeous ukes you painted


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