Little Boy Lost

Lost Boy - Robert Harper Both

“Lost Boy” submitted by Robert Harper, the model and photographer.

“I feel like a little boy compared to the men around me. Even with (fake) facial hair, I feel like a kid playing dress-up. Not sure if I’ll ever grow up.”

Posted by on May 24th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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9 Responses to “Little Boy Lost”

  1. Rebekah

    Perhaps you won’t, but at least you have awesome glasses.


  2. Ian Ridley

    Fantastic picture! Really great facial hair, too. How do you do it?


  3. Jessica

    Woe. that is great fake hair. You sound like some MtF folks I know, who tried so long to live up to the expectations other people had for them, but kept consistently failing. It is such a shame people can’t just be who they want to be.

    I always think of Ray Seifert. He was a lot of fun. He went to a prestigious boys school in Philadelphia. He was gay, log before it was fashionable. He wrote really cool poetry and got accepting in Yale when he was 16. Then his parents found out her way gay and had him committed. They gave him electroshock therapy. They cured him of being gay. When they were done, he had no sexuality.

    They got him a job putting the rubber surrounds on windshields. Provided somebody told him when it was time to go to work and put him on the bus and when it was time to go home and put him on the bus, he was self-sufficient. His mother drank herself to death and his father shot himself in the head when he got home from her funeral with a 357 magnum.

    So much damage done.


  4. Rusty

    I survive by feeling like a little boy. Why be a man when you can be a kid and have twice as much fun?

    I have also had the ‘feel like I’m playing dress-up’ thing. The key is to slowly condition yourself. Make a point of consistently looking the way you want even if it takes more effort. Than every time you pass a mirror, or a window, you see “this is how I am.”

    And there’s a big difference between being a Man and growing up.

    You look bloody good mate.


  5. kendall

    Very handsome, I dig the glasses man, keep it up < 3


  6. Hikaru

    You look great (^o^). *also loves the glasses*


  7. Kevin

    That is some seriously awesome facial hair you’ve got going. :D I like Rusty’s advice, and I plan on following it myself.


  8. Anonymous

    woah where and how do you get that facial hair?!


  9. James

    Wow you’re so handsome. Love the glasses, the hair… even your eyebrows are stunning. I have this thing about nicely shaped eyebrows.


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