Drag King :: Mario, originally uploaded by gaelx.

Posted by on August 16th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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13 Responses to “Mario”

  1. CJ

    You look great! Good job on the facial hair :)


  2. Shana

    OMG! Does anyone know how to do such realistic facial hair?! :D


  3. Brandon

    Very nice! You’re gorgeous!


  4. Qaiel



  5. Jay

    Rrr! Awesome pic. Drag kings win. :)


  6. Anonymous

    @ shana: get a haircut! then snip your head hair into tiny pieces (the desired length of facial hair), and use some glue that is intended to stick on fake eyelashes to stick the hair onto your face, wherever you want it =) good luck!


  7. Shana

    Thanks, I can’t wait to try!! :D


  8. Mary

    Tell me about it Stud!


  9. Taisho/Tai

    *wolf-whistles* ;)


  10. She Said Pop


    Another option: for tiny little stubble, get doll hair (better than mutilating your haircut) and touch an electric razor to the ends so you end up with teeny bits. Then apparently there’s a thing called stoppelpaste that you can get at costume shops that will glue it to your face. It’s recommended that you put on the stoppelpaste first, then apply the hair by swooshing a makeup brush in the clippings and brushing it onto your face.

    I haven’t actually tried this; I got the instructions from the book Self Made Man by Norah Vincent. She disguised herself as a man for something like a YEAR and passed even in full daylight and under close inspection, so it must work!


    A replied:

    Stoppelpaste also goes by the name “spirit gum”; I used it before when I was playing a man in a theatre production. It is very sticky, so you need to scrub a lot to get it off. Be sure you don’t spread it too thick, too, or else it globs up and becomes visible.
    (Also, Self-Made Man is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Just FYI.)


  11. She Said Pop

    I remember the book stating that spirit gum and stoppelpaste aren’t the same thing…she said spirit gum is more clumpy, I think, but still fine for nighttime, whereas the other stuff was a bit more subtle.

    We definitely agree that it’s an awesome book, though. After reading Norah’s observation that people seem to interpret someone’s sex through body language more than what they actually look like, I started workin’ on my boy walk. :D


  12. Gaelx

    And this is his/her awsome blog: [In Spanish, just in case… So sorry!]


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