mod grrrls

Mod Grrrls - Eric Model Right

“mod grrrls” submitted by Eric, the model. (on right)

Posted by on April 18th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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12 Responses to “mod grrrls”

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent photo.


  2. Anonymous

    i shed a tear of joy! awesome photo.


  3. katy

    as the model on the left, i feel the need to inform all the classy surroundings are due to the photo being taken at a local waffle house.


  4. Rin

    Genderforkers at Waffle House! I’m officially declaring this a proud tradition. Rock on!


  5. ry_z

    Is that a Diana F+ camera I see? ;)


  6. Eric

    Yes, it is dearest katy’s camera!
    If anyone would like to be a part of this Genderforkers at Waffle House Revolution, it is officially called “Waffle Scouts”. It has become a sort of cult tradition amongst a few people here, and all you have to do is dress up and eat tasty waffles! Waffle Scouts of the world unite!


  7. Rin

    Waffle Scouts? Awesome. I’m totally starting a branch here. Yay!


  8. katy

    please do! we’re going to make a flickr group for posting all related waffle scouting pictures (because we have quite a lot)


  9. Jessica

    My sister had those glasses, in about 1964.


  10. katy

    they might be the same glasses! only plus my prescription.

    if anyone is curious on previously mentioned waffle scout flickr group, we actually did it: (and that is enough self-promotion for now hmm!)


  11. Anonymous

    Katy! You’re awesome and quirky and I knew you a bit from high school. Did a total double take to recognize someone on here.


  12. Anonymous

    i don’t know how i found this or what you’ll think of the late comment but all i can think is
    holy shit, you two!

    you are really fucking cute! what style!


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