Mr and Miss Potato-Head.

Someone wrote…

I wish my body was like my gender most days. You know, wake up and go, “Well I’d like to have a penis today. Or I’d like to shed this masculine frame for some rough femininity. Or fed up with the concept of choice, opt for neither, and walk proudly through the streets.”

Mister and Miss Potato-Head have the good life. They change as much as they’d like while keeping their basic form, that potato-like lump. So yeah, I wish I was a sex-shifter. But when you tell people that, they kind of gasp awkwardly and reply, “Why?”

And I usually reply, “Well don’t you ever get bored being just a girl (or a guy)?”

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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19 Responses to “Mr and Miss Potato-Head.”

  1. Mapie

    That would be SO fun!


  2. Lanthir

    I feel that way about my boobs. I sometimes wish they were even smaller, or not there altogether, but I like them as they are often enough to not want to do anything permanent. I’m perfectly happy with the rest of my bits though!

    If I decided these things, everybody would be able to change sexes at will.


  3. Traduit

    That’s why I love playing shapeshifters in games. If only real life made it so easy!


  4. Anonymous

    I think that part of life is living with what you’ve got. Especially considering the difficulty in actually changing our body anyway (excluding of course clothing, makeup, etc).

    As desirable as it might be to have body transience, If you’re bored with one thing, you’ll eventually become bored of the next. I imagine then the boredom probably isn’t stemming from a desire to be different in that aspect, but from some different part of you.


  5. Ebenezer



  6. boston

    dear anon, what is life but the desire to grow and change? if the OP does become bored with the next thing, that’s ok, it’s part of the human pattern of growth and change

    I see your points, but reality doesn’t stop a person from dreaming & the want to change it


  7. Quince

    I would LOVE that!!


  8. Anonymous

    OP, are you me?
    seriously though that is my ideal life.


  9. Rebekah

    This would be perfect.


  10. Mark



  11. Mercury Mars

    hahaha, also stated frequently as I wish i could switch like Ranma. i’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want this ability. The thought of being able to seamlessly move from one ideal of a sex to another and back at will (or with the help of a little hot/cold water) is ridiculously appealing. the potato-heads don’t have quite the sex-appeal of Ranma, but the “neither” option is all kinds of win, more than just a binary-lightswitch.


  12. Coury

    I feel this way everyday, and it’s part of what drove me to start exploring my identities in the first place, and what keeps me from being able to really determine what mine is, I think.

    I agree that part of life is living with what you’ve got, but if we were all expected to just make due, think about what that would mean for our community. I have DDD breasts and a vagina, and I can only grow a very faint mustache, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about a flat chest and a penis or a fuller mustache on days when I want nothing more than to have a break from explaining my identity to everyone I meet and have them just know that they should use male pronouns. And it also means that on days when I want to strap my body into something that says “HEY, I LOVE my CURVES and the FEMININITY they project” I should be able to fantasize about that too.

    And maybe the fact that I get bored just being a genderfucked transguy woman DOES mean that one day I’ll also get bored of being a feminine woman, a boi, andro, or twinky or dykey. But hey, the glory of fluidity is just that — fluidity. I change as I see fit. And when what I’ve got doesn’t match what I want, I fantasize and change what I can to reflect who I am feeling in that moment. *That’s* living with what I’ve got.


  13. Chris

    Omg, I was just about to post something like this. And I am happy with who I am and what I got, and I’m certainly not bored with it. I just like change. My friends know that firsthand; I have a different style like everyday, and a new hair color almost every month. I even bought a spring-loaded lip ring because I knew I would be frustrated with having a real one in my lip every single freakin’ day (it’s quite comfy, too). I would love to be a transman, and get buff and have a deep voice and have a penis, but I really like being a cute, feminine girl too! And I love the Ranma reference. That would be totally awesome. I guess this reflects my personality and identity in general – I’m genderfluid, but I’m a very polar genderfluid person.


  14. Claire

    I completely agree. I think a lot of the time I’d prefer to be male (for the sake of convenience if nothing else), but most of the time I quite like being female. I like having curves and getting to doll myself up occasionally.


  15. drum

    This. Oh, the number of times I’ve wished to be malleable.


  16. Taylor

    HOLY CRAP you read my mind!! This is the exact thing I’ve been thinking for so long now. I love playing with gender, but I prefer to be perceived as masculine. Sadly, having breasts, a semi-curvy shape and a short stature, I have to work to be read that way. If I didn’t have to work as hard, I would have so much more room to play, which is what I like best!


  17. Angel

    OMG I’ve said this so many times! you all nice to know I’m not the only one.


  18. Myllox

    This pretty much sums up what had been crawling around in my brain and you finally put the words into my thoughts. Thank you.


  19. Kelly

    I feel this way too. I am a female with a male brain but I don’t want to transition because I know I’ll end up missing my female bits. Yet not transitioning makes me yearn for male bits. Sigh. But it’s ok, life is what you make of it.


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