My Hips Do Lie

My hips do lie, originally uploaded by LoudSwallowing.

The photographer writes, “i have these lines on my hips like a guy, I don’t mind them.”

Posted by on March 12th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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33 Responses to “My Hips Do Lie”

  1. Charlie

    Wow, you’re stunning.


  2. nick

    Gorgeous indeed. I want hips like that.


  3. AgentRusco

    Yeah, I think I’m a bit jealous of the hips as well.


  4. Kirsty



  5. Lanthir

    Oh, wow! You are truly lovely!


  6. caitlin

    I wish I had these hips as well.


  7. Meike

    Ditto that!


  8. Keena

    You are so amazingly beautiful, dear.


  9. Rebekah

    Your hips are so perfect.


  10. Anonymous

    *jaw drops to the floor* ;)


  11. Elise

    Great title and photograph.


  12. Loan

    I wouldn’t mind having hips like those, great photo!


  13. Keiran

    haha! we’re hip twins. :)


  14. Lily

    thank you everyone…


  15. Quince

    This is amazing, just so you know.


  16. Louche

    So cute.


  17. Alex

    So so so so so jealous of you, for your hips and your beautiful face!


  18. Zak

    My girlfriend recently pointed out that I have those same lines on my hips. It’s nice to have an androgynous body!


  19. J

    My attitude these days has become, “If it’s on a man/woman’s body, then that is what a man/woman looks like.” No such thing as “looking like a girl/guy”. Lovely photo!


  20. Dwam

    I have the same hips, and totally love them :)


  21. Gabriel

    Wow, you are really beautiful!


  22. Samson

    I deliberately gained weight at one point trying to get that to happen to my hips–turns out it definitely doesn’t work that way!


  23. Cassie

    You are very attractive and I am totally jealous of your body type and look (and hair)!



  24. P

    So attractive.

    I’ve been trying to get hip lines for ages.


  25. Emily

    Your hips and everything about you are absolutely beautiful.


  26. mel

    Yep, you’re definitely sexy. Hips and all


  27. Myca

    You can look me up on facebook… I wouldn’t mind seeing more of you. I like you :)


  28. roxanne

    Remarkable! Soooo attractive.


  29. Quint

    You are possibly the most beautiful person (in a fabulous photograph) I’ve seen in a long time! Androgyny at it’s best.


  30. Charley

    I wish I had hips like that, instead I have ‘childbearing hips’


  31. Keanan

    I wish I had my abs and hips looked like that. Looks like it is time for me to hit the gym *does 100 sit ups (not really)*


  32. Justine

    only one word comes to mind : STUNNING


  33. Jess

    I am so jealous of your hips like somebody before me said. A body like yours is beautiful.


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