Nails painted green.

Someone wrote…

I was volunteering at a face-painting booth and met a little boy who had his nails painted green. I told him they were very pretty and he told me that his sister painted them and he was going to get some painted pink as well. This pretty much made my day.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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13 Responses to “Nails painted green.”

  1. IdentityTBD

    My nails are painted green right now. :)


  2. Anonymous

    I was once volunteering at a face-painting booth as well and had a similar experience. A little boy came up and said that he wanted a pink and purple butterfly on his face. Then a girl came up and got a skull and cross bones on her arm. I did a horrible job on all of them, but you can not imagine my joy.


  3. Anonymous

    There’s a waiter at a restaurant near my house and every time I see him, he has his hair in pig tails. It makes my day every time.


  4. Rhube

    I do that with my little brother all the time!
    He loves having his nails painted, especially with glitter. It’s a good time.
    I’ve been trying to get him to go get a pedicure with me, but in his 7-year-old-mind, the most horrifying thing is getting his toenails clipped, so he’s worried they’ll do it. One of these days, though…


  5. Jay

    Daw! Little kids are so precious, especially when they have their nails painted fun colours. xD


  6. Anonymous



  7. Sarah-Sophia

    OHhh that is sooo amazing. <3


  8. ElegantAndrogyne

    Nice. I remember having my nails painted black by some girls in a lesbian club some years ago. Now I do it myself, but still enjoy it when someone else does my makeup etc. :)


  9. Jessica

    If you have a beard, people automatically mark you in the male column and then if your nails are red or blue, as mine frequently are, you get that distancing look of reappraisal and dismissing. Cops tend to look at your hands more than most folks, so they see your nails. I am usually adept at not overtly displaying my nails, if I am in mixed company (that is to say, the company of people of mixed attitudes and unknown levels of prejudice), but that doesn’t work with cops. You do not want to seem to be hiding your hands with a cop.

    It depends on where you are, of course. Small town cops are seldom open minded. A set of beautiful nails is often worth several additional traffic citations. On the other hand, I have had the experience also of police reacting very well to my positive, helpful attitude. One state patrol cop even doffed his hat and gave me a rather uncertain “thank you ma’am.” My smile was returned with a considerable relief that he’d said the right thing.


  10. Ash

    I forgot I sent in this comment :) on the same day a little boy wanted a purple dinosaur too. I also go to paint one of my guys friends nails this pretty brown color when we were going out for dinner last month.


  11. Jamie

    That is so adorable!


  12. Anna

    awww… my little brother always used to LOVE it when I painted his nails.


  13. TK

    My boy asks me to paint his nails once or twice a week. Today, purple. I think I love it as much as him.

    I think this is one of the huge benefits of being an only parent (who also happens to be a bit genderqueer).


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