No Jumping

NoJumping, originally uploaded by badyke.

Posted by on October 4th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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8 Responses to “No Jumping”

  1. Riam

    I like this one, yes.


  2. Jay

    Very nice pic! I always like it when there are pictures of people obivously middle age or older put up. :)


  3. Jenn

    I do love this photo. At the same time that I am enjoying the reassurance that being queer goes way beyond my lifetime, I am feeling guilty because my life as a queer will undoubtedly be simpler and less painful than it was for this person.

    It’s pictures like this that make me thankful for those who paved the way so that my life would be less difficult.


  4. Jessica

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only surviving trans person over 50. It is nice to see confirmation that I’m just normally paranoid.

    Some people ask me why anyone would want to be transgender if the best you could aspire to was to be like Nora Batty. Well, if Nora is who you are, it’s a valid destination.

    Sometimes you’ve just got to dive off.


    Samson replied:

    Thank you for being! I’m 22 and craving trans role models so badly right now. Sometimes I feel like there are so many trans/genderqueer people my age and we’re all crazily running around in circles in the first blush of trying to figure ourselves out, without the support and life experience of someone who’s been there already.


    Jessica replied:

    If a role model is some other poor schmuck who’s already made every conceivable mistake and managed to survive somehow, then I’m in the running. :-) It makes me nervous, but I’m used to people depending on me – somebody’s got to do the dishes.


    Jessica replied:

    OK, so I was a little freaked by being a trans role model thing… like the first time someone calls you ma’am instead of miss. My mother is ma’am, who are you talking to? OMG, me? Christ! Did I put on my makeup too fast? Am I really becoming my mother? I need a drink.

    Same thing for Sir. No, Sir is that old dude over there, not me. I’m still that wiry kid you’re secretly afraid of. I can’t be an old far already. Crap. I need a drink.

    Samson replied:

    Drinks all around!

    And really, especially in light of recent events, it’s just lovely for us younger folk to know that there are people out there who did survive.

    It’s also lovely to see you around here dispensing thoughtful words.

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