Not a threat.

Someone wrote…

My vagina is not a threat to my masculinity.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on September 4th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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17 Responses to “Not a threat.”

  1. Jenn



  2. elias

    heeey. so true.


  3. Anonymous

    neither are my boobies…or my lipstick. :)


  4. Jessica

    Nor does a penis negate negate femininity. Don’t hate the person you are, but it is OK if you hate the person you’re supposed to be.

    Part of being transgender for me is seeing beyond the current mess to a better simpler world where people are not constrained into conventions they don’t buy into. A world without artificial fear or sacrificial retribution.


  5. B

    I’m a boy with a vagina, who likes to wear make up and bind his chest. As much as people would like you to think otherwise, what’s in your pants or on your body has nothing to do with your gender. :)


    Sarah-Sophia replied:

    I would do anything for the rest of the world to feel that way. I have that fight all the time.


    Samson replied:

    Me too. This has been rough lately.


    Ani replied:

    I hope that someday I will be comfortable to say the same about myself. <3 Glad to know I am not the only one.


  6. Cydne

    I have a mangina and breasticles :)


    Gabriel/Sam replied:

    I LOVE this!


  7. Gabriel/Sam

    what’s in my pants doesn’t threaten my masculinity or femmininity as well :) Way to go!


  8. shaun

    This is such a powerful statement. I id as a female man, and I have never felt that my female body, with its vagina, was any sort of obstacle to being a man. Sometimes I feel like I’m a female pushing the boundaries of what a man is; and sometimes I feel like I’m a man, pushing the boundaries of what a female is.


    Mary replied:



  9. Pax

    I love that quote. I like to say that my vagina is a cock. :)


  10. broseph

    yes but what about the days, months, eventually years spent in the gym trying to lift, rest, eat, sleep my way to a more “male” appearance? What about the fact I can still I have breasts even under the binder? What about the months of T and accepting the inescapable fate that my tiny hands, my hips, my small/skinny build? The very DNA, the very chromosomes that code the proteins that make me me, code the same proteins that make me hate me. I wish I didn’t have to turn to drugs, building up piles of overcompensation, and in the end just spinning my wheels.


    Jessica replied:

    You have courage. You have strength. To me you are the man you want to be, sir.

    I have spent much of my life ignoring my body, taking it for granted. If we could switch bodies, would we? I wouldn’t wish my feet on anybody… but I’d love your slenderness, which I think of as more elven than feminine.

    My older sister told me as a teenager: “Well, you can’t have it now, and when you can have it, you won’t want it.”


  11. broseph

    *fate of


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