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You can call me… Alicanto.

I identify as… a female-born boy that feels genderqueer and wants to look like a crossdresser. I feel close to gay men. If I wear a skirt I’m not a girl, I’m a boy wearing a skirt. People doesn’t usually understand it…

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I like to play with them. They are all wrong. I don’t like people to think that it is obvious that I am a she. Couldn’t even stand the opposite.

I’m attracted to… gay men. Feminine men. Queer boys. And my hyperfeminine girlfriend.

When people talk about me, I want them to… stop considering themselves therapists and stop considering me a girl that wants to be a boy. It’s the opposite.

I want people to understand… I am not a genderqueer girl less than a genderqueer boy. And sometimes I’m only genderqueer.

About Alicanto
I was born as a girl. I suppose that when it was time to take a decision and I was just a small fetus, I crossed the box “female” because I am very effeminate. But now I realise that I am an effeminate person, not an effeminate girl. So I can’t stand anymore to be considered a girl. And maybe I’ll go on T.

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Posted by on February 4th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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10 Responses to “Profile: Alicanto”

  1. C

    Oh shit, this person’s bio mirrors pretty much exactly what I wrote an hour ago. Wow.


  2. colleen

    You look a lot like someone who goes to my school. You don’t live in Austin, do you? Great profile!


  3. Mercury Mars

    i have a rather similar thought to you, Alicanto, but I couldn’t have said it better. nicely put.


  4. Anna

    thanks and wow and cool.

    “stop considering me a girl that wants to be a boy. It’s the opposite”

    for me it is like that as well
    also being a girl wanting to be girl.

    smiles from closeby on the genderqueer spectrum



  5. Breanne

    You look like an individual I fancy. I’m intrigued by your profile.


  6. Micah

    I feel the exact same way. I’m an effeminate boy trapped in a girls body. It’s really hard to get people to understand that. But power to you for trying!


  7. Kian

    To all the effeminate boys trapped in girls bodies, yes, people will not understand at all if you transition. But don’t let your effeminance make you feel any less of a trans boy or man if that’s what you are. It’s difficult to come to terms with your transness when your gender expression (feminine) matches your assigned sex (female). [i say this as an effeminate gay trans man.]


  8. Alicanto

    Thanks to all of you for commentig. It’s amazing and hard to believe finding other people feeling an effeminate boy in a female body, and even feeling a girl that wants to be a girl, or as i sometimes say ftf or ftmtf, and so on. I just couldn’t believe it when i saw that there where some comments. I wrote this profile month ago i guess, and reading it it’s been weird, i still identify with it, i’m not so much determinate as i look like here. Still i can’t take a decision about T, cos not only my gender expression (feminine) -as Kian duly says- corrispond to my assigned sex (female), but also somtetimes my gender too is still “woman”. In short i’m genderqueer, and my identity swings from “girl” to “effeminate boy” and back again.

    @ collen
    i don’t live in austin! great.. nobody notices that i’m not english native speaker?

    thank you all, your comments moved me a lot and mean a lot to me, i would like to keep in touch, look for me on YouTube.
    Take care! Hugs!


  9. AnnaHeger

    hi alicanto, email me and I can send you some artwork in progress on (my) gender id
    smiles, aH


  10. TL

    mi piace il tuo profilo!(e anche la foto)


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