Profile: Andrea


You can call me… Andrea.

I identify as… a fetishistic transvestite.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … please use the female ones when you describe me.

I’m attracted to… feminine men;
muscle men who appreciate a feminized fluff like me;
sexy women who appreciate sissy bois.

When people talk about me, I want them to… say nice things!

I want people to understand… I am different.

About Andrea
T-girl fashionista stylista
Andi is a former bra and panty wearing fat boy, who transformed herself through diet and body sculpting excercise into a slinky, sensous, and svelte syren [t-girl] [pornstar] wannabe. A real part time TV model , Andrea has been featured as a magazine covergirl more than half a dozen times, in advertisements and book covers. A beauty and lip sync contest winner many times over. Andrea will provide you with titilation, sage advice, gorgeous photos, tantalizing visual and sensual treats. Andrea has a fetish driven quest for femininity and has gained fame on the web as a transvestite exhibitionist since 1996.

Sometimes I think I was born to be a female impersonator. I’ve always had a slightly girlish body. I used to be ashamed of my skinny arms and legs and my small tight butt. No more. I can fit into a size 8 dress and look better than most women my age (and younger!). I’ve worked hard over the years to perfect my look: makeup lessons from MAC and salons, lots of help from women behind the cosmetics counters in beauty shops, advice and helpful criticism from the girls in the boutiques at the mall. You’ve gotta admit that I look pretty good in makeup! I’d just love to be a model for MAC cosmetics and also for Victoria’s Secret . Do you find me sexy and attractive ? I crave compliments and I’ll add anyone as a friend on Flickr or Myspace, photo or not, if they write a nice note on one of my photos. But really the truth is, I still feel like a guy in a dress most of the time.

Becoming female, yet remaining a man underneath it all has proven to be a deep, deep desire that I can not successfully fight for long without succumbing – which makes me a rather classic example of a transvestite. It has taken me many years to accept my feminine side. For most of my life I fought these desires… I was ashamed of them. Like many transvestites, I’d go through cycles of dressing and purging… At one point I sought (or rather was sent to) the sexology clinic at Johns Hopkins for a “cure” – where I was offered progesterone to shut off my sex drive. I declined. Rather, I turned my sessions into a weekly dress-up opportunity that further strengthened my desire for simulating femininity and left me more comfortable with the experience of being my femme self in front of others. Yet with each cycle ending with a purge, the feminine cravings became stronger, the dressing more sophisticated and realistic. As my appearance evolved from a bad joke, makeup evolved from the quickest and cheapest I could grab from the shelves of the drug store when the cashier could take me without my waiting in line, to extended sessions with cosmeticians at MAC stores and salons, trying many shades… applied at home with ever more expertise using expensive cheap applicators to expensive brushes. Now, rather than providing the spike of sexual excitement I had experienced as a youth, the act of transforming myself into a woman has come to be extremely satisfying and pleasurable experience, simultaneously providing a more continuous rush of excitement and a comforting calm to my psyche. These sensations are unbelievably intense. When I put on makeup and dress up en femme it’s like mainlining directly to the pleasure centers of my brain. I have morphed into my own ultimate female sex symbol. The vision of a gorgeous babe staring back at me in the mirror, carefully made up face between dangling earrings, ready to go out for the evening, boobs popping out of a too small low cut top with a too tight miniskirt around my padded girlish hips, is just so unbelievably satisfying. I don’t just look like a woman… but a really gorgeous babe. The vision sends a rush of pleasurable excitement all over my body. The more I look, the better I feel and the more excitement rushes through my brain. I am no longer a man, but have become the sexiest female vixen of my deepest male desires.

Wearing the newest look in fashion as well as the classics that provides even more satisfaction. Afer all, in the final analysis, being a transvestite is primarily about wearing women’s clothing. That’s what gets me off. The feel of slinky nylons caressing my thighs, bra straps tugging on my shoulders, maybe a corset constraining my waist, mincing in sexy 4 inch spike heels…. Heavenly and sensuous enticements, perpetually self provoking. A photo session always takes a major effort in this excited state but provides titillating self reward for months afterward. Digging into my ever burgeoning wardrobe, I change to yet another outfit. Clothing is strewn all over the room. I’m a fashionista stylista indeed. Following the trends. My ever growing wardrobe crammed on the rack and bursting out of my large closet. I do indeed love shopping, shopping, shopping. The thrifts for bargain cast offs, discount stores and department store sales for basics, my favorite boutiques for women less than half my age: Bebe, Marciano, Guess, Victoria’s Secret of course, Steve Madden and DSW for shoes, supplemented by Ebay for vintage styles from name designers at a fraction of the price for new. I love vintage and it always looks good. Just takes some self confidence to wear it. (Anyone know wear I can get a colorful psychedelic Pucci dress for under 50 bucks?) I shop en femme whenever possible, either fully dressed with wig, skirt, displaying a red or black bra through my semi transparent white top, under a blazer – the whole deal – or sometimes with just my own hair, some light makeup, heels, wearing obviously women’s pants (no front zipper and a smooth crotch!) or skin tight ultra low cut jeans showing off a fake navel piercing or even better, tight capris! A strappy top with my hormone enhanced nipples popping through a tight training bra visible underneath makes me the penultimate feminized male…And ALWAYS – no matter what my costume, I’ll be wearing at least 4 inch heels! I just adore the looks I’ll get in public at the mall on a Saturday afternoon or at the hardware store or post office when I’m running my errands! Deliciously humiliating. But really, most people don’t seem to mind me at all.

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4 Responses to “Profile: Andrea”

  1. Null

    I’m glad you’ve been able to achieve what you want and enjoy. :)


  2. Eliot-Anna

    I love the sense of fun, fantasy and sexiness that is expressed here. I think that those are things I strive for in my gender presentation.


  3. Chris

    I’m very happy for you, and I hope you continue to succeed and find happiness. Stay beautiful.


  4. CB

    I’ve seen Andrea’s devART through the gender and crossdressing groups that I frequent, and she’s been a big inspiration for me becoming comfortable with my own femininity. Crossdressing isn’t part of my identity as far as full-out dressing goes, but I do wear girl’s shoes/tops a lot and people as confident as her give me confidence too.


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