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You can call me… Añgel, or if ya can’t say it, Angel

I identify as… a biofem-queer-dyke-genderqueer-andro-switch, anti-racist, pro-sex feminist, geek, lover, friend

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer ze & hir but I usually get she…

I’m attracted to… cis-women, transmen, genderqueers, transwomen, dykes, bois, people, humans, and pretty much anyone who isn’t cis-male-identified with all that nasty male privilege

When people talk about me, I want them to… stop and really think.

I want people to understand… that gender is a many-flavored dish.

About Añgel
Añgel is 19 years old and a freshman in community college and looking for a job and to get the hell out of hir small town. Ze enjoys meeting new people and giving hugs. Ze loves good books, good friends, and adventure. Ze’d love to meet you.

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Posted by on March 20th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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  1. s.a.g.

    Hell yes Angel.


  2. Anonymous

    Why are cis-gendered men exempt from humans?
    That’s upsetting. I’ve known many feminist men, who have done a lot of good for women’s rights, and they’re straight and content with their assigned at birth genitalia…


  3. shaedofblue

    I agree with anonymous.

    There’s nothing wrong with not being attracted to cis men, but you seem to be expressing a bigoted attitude towards them that you need to work through.


  4. Anonymous

    fyi, transmen experience male privilege too.


  5. William

    I agree with anonymous. I’m a trans man and I can tell that life is handing me male privilege. I’ve found that quite a lot of men can have their eyes opened to be able to see this gift they didn’t ask for and learn how to use it without abusing it.

    Men didn’t ask to be treated how they are, just like women didn’t ask to be oppressed. The patriachy suppresses and demeans us all together and I know many men who are actively working to change that and I’m sure any of us, if we thought hard enough, could think of many women and others as well as men who actively encourage heterosexism and patriachy.

    If you aren’t attracted to men, say so. That’s fine. If you only aren’t attracted to heterosexual cisgendered men that’s still fine, eventhough the idea that someone could feel like that makes me, as a trans man, feel uncomfortable. Just please don’t blame male privilege for your not liking cis men because it isn’t their fault and trans men, trans masculine people and many genderqueer and nongendered people are just as likely to have male privilege, just a little more likely to acknowledge it.


  6. e

    people and humans, but not cis men, because they have male privilege? cis men aren’t the only ones with privilege, and even if they were, consider being attracted to everyone except the most privilege group, with any other area where some are more privileged than others.


  7. Anonymous

    I just felt like HUMANS! EVERYONE EVER “except” kind of dehumanized them, when they were someone who were in a group of people, who never asked to be treated a certain way, they just were… I know them being priviledge is unfair to those who aren’t priviledged, but you being [yeah I’ma say it] PREJUDICED against them, doesn’t make you anymore blessed or knocking them down a peg, and in the process you’ve made yourself look completely petty and like another man hating dyke and living out the stereotype by stereotyping someone else. Hate begots more hate. You’re not noble for tacking on a bunch of noncommital labels on to yourself and think you’re somehow “enlightened” or better than someone.

    I honestly see this as: cis-women, transmen, genderqueers, transwomen, dykes, bois, people, humans, and anyone who isn’t cis-male-identified QUITE LITERALLY TRANSLATING INTO you not viewing cis-male-identified as HUMANS, you’ve made them less than people. SOOOO many transmen are fags, and some fags are cis and date transguys…and they lose some of that priviledge, why don’t you say “No white christian aryans and or anglo saxons with trust funds” cause I’m thinking there’s some dark past with you somewhere but you can’t just take it out on people who haven’t done anything to do, fight the individuals you encounter not the groups…


  8. M.

    Not excusing this post, because it does seem to suggest that cis-men are not human, but I think that I can identify with the context, at least to a point. Perhaps it would have been better to say that ze perefers anyone who can identify with being gender variant/gender fucked? And yes, I do note that ze has said that ze is attracted to cis-women, but often I think that cis-women are given a pass, or are sometimes thought to be more accepting of gender fuckery, in general, so it can be easy to making sweeping statements that exclude cis-men.

    And not to belittle age in any way, but I am 31 one, and have a much, much better vocabulary and context for that vocabulary than I did when I was 19. So while I think it is excellent to point out the fallacies present in hir statements, I don’t think that ze said them with any malice, perhaps just inexperience. That said, ze is a lot more aware of hirself, fallacies and all, than I was at 19.


  9. William

    Thanks M.

    I think people needed reminding that we’ve made our point. Cis men (and anyone else who experiences male privelege) are people too.

    Angel sounds like a really nice person and we’ve all jumped on just one of the things ze said and ignored all hir other comments. Sorry Angel *hugs*


  10. Añgel

    wow…. this is old. Like 2009, never even realized this was published.
    ever read an old journal entry and just went “ew what was I thinking?”

    yeah I had a lot of hang ups to work though and a huge chip on my shoulder back then. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. To update I’m not so much of an ass now. lol


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