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You can call me… Ash.

I identify as… Ash. :P If you insist upon fascist “labels” you might say I’m a genderqueer, androgynous, mtf-ish type person.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … can’t we just get rid of them? :(

I’m attracted to… It seems like I’m frequently attracted to other MTFs or FTMs, but in general I’m attracted to non-compliance with traditional gender roles, so any androgynous/genderqueer person can float my boat, personality/interests allowing. Also, goth/punk/emo people are hot. :3

When people talk about me, I want them to… complain about how my pant size is smaller than theirs. XD

I want people to understand… that gender is more of a social construct than a biological reality, and whatever utility it may have had no longer applies in the modern world; and that there is no moral justification for enforcing a binary gender system corresponding directly to physical sex.

About Ash
I’m a twenty-four-year old agnostic libertarian grad student who loves anime, video games, D&D, and golf. And I make cat noises a lot, which is why I picked a Halloween catboy pic for my photo. :3

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7 Responses to “Profile: Ash”

  1. Elle

    Meow! Gotta love cat noises.


  2. Milo

    Unfortunately every of Earth’s 6,900ish languages have pronouns. You should learn Mandarin, as their’s are not gendered.

    But enough of me being a nerd because I LOVE this picture! And I love your description of yourself. You sound a lot like me :)


  3. AJ

    My sister made new pronouns just for me! She uses pterodactyl to replace his/ hers, and pineapple to replace s/he. Feel free to borrow them if you want.


  4. Milo

    I would love to make a language that alters gender based on how an action was done (that is, in a masculine or feminine way). This aspect would be in no means at all tied to physical sex. It’d make me happy.


  5. Olli

    I’d like to see a future where labels a) carry far fewer stereotypes as connotations, and b) are simply descriptive rather than prescriptive. I think they could be rehabilitated then, even while I see how crap the labels game is now.

    Incidentally, I know four queer goth-y geeks who all own the same cat hoody :-D (You are prettier than them, though, AUGH YOU ARE SO CUTE)


  6. Chris

    Everyone above seemed to be so thoughtful in their responses; I just wanted to say AAACCKKK, you’re SOOOO CUUUTE and HOT-T-T-T!!!!


  7. Anonymous

    So cute! :3


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