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You can call me… Aurel

I identify as… a sentimental transfag. Now, that’s a relief, after 20-odd years of tormenting myself with beside the point (but downright painful) questioning : “I’m a severely confused bisexual unable to cope with it,” leading to “I’m a gay boy trapped inside a girl’s body and it’s freaking me out because there doesn’t seem to be anybody out there like me, and my, is it dark and lonely, in that closet.”

I’m also a Drag King performer – which has helped me a great deal to come out of the aforementioned – and a Punk (forever!).

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I ain’t bothered. I’m she to some and he to others; to myself I am, depending on mood and circumstances, he, she, both, or neither.

I’m attracted to… other self identified homo F-to-Whatevers. For me, it’s not a body thing, but a community of longing.

When people talk about me, I want them to… feel free to say what they want. I have no control over other people’s opinion. Some folks will take you as you are and appreciate you, some won’t. That’s life. Now, if you want to talk WITH me, as long as you remain civil and earnest, we’ll get on fine.

I want people to understand… that we’re anything but frivolous. That we’re not just… bodies. But Human Beings.

About Aurel
Writing. Rock and roll. WW1. Brussels. PASSION. Coming to terms…

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5 Responses to “Profile: Aurel”

  1. Nox

    im another gay boy in a females body. good to know we’re not alone.


  2. Jack.

    There are plenty of female-bodied gay boys out there :]


  3. Samson

    Rock on, fellow self identified homo F-to-Whatever!


  4. Lexi

    I’m an F-to-whatever!

    They tell me I’m MtF, but I was never M, even if they convinced me I was.


  5. Kc

    Im another what I like to call f-t-x. And beleive my im also a raging homo and love every minute of it.


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