Profile: Beck

You can call me… Beck. Not Becky–I don’t like that. Beck.

I identify as… a soft butch bisexual genderqueer writer&artist. And that’s just right now.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … any work, really. The ze/zir thing makes me chuckle actually because I’m from Quebec. So it just sounds like you’re trying to imitate the French speaking English.
Go for whatever makes you comfortable.

I’m attracted to… femme boys and girls in plaid with short hair. Tall people. Glasses. Intelligence, compassion, wit, flamboyance, honesty, and kindness.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that nothing is definite. Everything is fluid. Ignore the fact that yeah, okay, I look like a man. Just realize that inside is a really cool person who will totally give you some popcorn if you want some (because eating a bag by myself is not healthy).

I want people to understand… that they should be nice. Smile at your bus driver and compliment the classmate with the nice shirt. Be friendly to queers because they might not get that enough.

About Beck
I like artsy things. I’m a total student in all aspects of life–always ready to learn. I snowboard, draw, write, read, dream, and talk too little (I listen too much?). I befriend teachers because I’m that much of a nerd and I recognize that they’re people too.
I’m nice. Sometimes I like to shake things up by being blunt.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Beck”

  1. Jessica

    You look so much like Keith Moon. Keith enjoyed messing with peoples’ heads – particularly superior people of privilege and arrogance. If it was an icon of elitism, success, or smug superiority he’d tear it down. He was a lot of fun. He died far too young.


    Jack replied:

    He does a bit, don’t he? Love it.


  2. Joe

    So you’re kinda like me. Want to go out for a beer, man?

    Just kidding, never quite got used to the taste of beer. :P


  3. Beck/Oliver

    Ha, this is a little outdated now in terms of how I identify and the pronouns I use. I’m transitioning to male and using the name Oliver and male pronouns. Beyond that, this profile is a-ok.

    Jessica, you’re very observant. I do enjoy pushing the status quo, educating people, and knocking down privilege. I’m flattered by the comparison.

    Joe, I’m not a fan of beer either. Coffee? Vodka shots? Name your poison.

    (Feel free to message me on Tumblr, anyone!)


    Jesscia replied:

    Dear Oliver,

    You’re a person after my own heart, sir. Mr. Keith Moon was, of course, the drummer of The Who. He died more than thirty years ago, but we remember him fondly. He was often seen in dresses and makeup, not because he was trans, but because it upset people that he flagrantly defied comfortable categories. I’ll raise my glass to you both. I’ll have a nice Syrah.


  4. kendall

    Salut, comment ca va? *nod* You’re likely wearing a plaid shirt underneath, but the neck of your shirt reminds me of a guitar


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