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You can call me… Cal

I identify as… a feminist-genderqueer-kinky-femme-bottom-dyke-thing. (And that’s only on the best of days!) I’m a artist, photographer, writer and general entertainer who has no idea what their doing most of the time but it usually happy doing it. I’m a bisexual, she’s-going-to-find-a-nice-guy-to-settle-down-with-eventually teenager to my family, a lesbian with bad hair and even worse humour to my friends, an alternative spends-too-much-time-listening-to-music artist to society and a sentimental fool who adores lilies from all forms of lovers.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer gender-neutral, but really, call me whatever the hell you please. Seriously, who’s going to know anyway?!

I’m attracted to… femmes, andros, butches, transfolk. People with nice hair, pretty eyes, high cheekbones, smooth skin, strong backs, muscular arms and good hands. I’m not really as picky with people as some might think though.

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about the way I speak, write or otherwise express myself. What’s the point of being alive if no-one understands you? I want them to talk about what I’m doing, not who I’m doing. I want them to talk about the world I’m creating and not the one I’m enduring.

I want people to understand… I speak the most sensibly when I’m silent.

About Cal
Cal is a person who speaks about them-self too much already. But they do have a blog:

» Define yourself. «

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3 Responses to “Profile: Cal”

  1. Eli

    …so I’m just gonna say that I felt flattered by your “I’m attracted to” section even though you don’t know me. And I’m also gonna thank you for it, cuz you did some good summing up of my physical traits. It’s good to know there are people who want people like me.


  2. Jessica

    Yours is an eloquent understanding.


  3. Anonymous

    I love the picture!


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