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You can call me… Caleb.

I identify as… a genderqueer I suppose because I am a gay male that wants to have a vagina but is not transsexual.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t care what you call me as long as you acknowledge me.

I’m attracted to… gay masculine men.

When people talk about me, I want them to… know me instead of judge me.

I want people to understand… I hate having a penis, I have hated it as long as I can recall. I have always been envious of the fact that women do not have one, and I have always wanted to have a vagina/inverted penis. However I do for the most part identify as male and enjoy most aspects of being male. For me, having a surgery would be a relief and allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin. However I do not feel that I need to sashay out in public wearing a dress and high heels to be comfortable with me.

About Caleb.
I’ve done a lot of things in life that helped me and have hurt me in many ways, but in the long run, I’ve grown more mature and emotionally responsible. True that I’m young in life, yet wisdom also comes through experience. 5ft 6in tall, 130lbs Caucasian. Sparkling clear blue water eyes. Dark Hair. I’m Trying To Increase My Muscle Mass. I Am Unique. Good Listener. “Outdoorsy.” Dynamic In Personality! I Don’t Do Drugs. Trustworthy. Knows How To Dig Character. Let’s Play Some Video Games! Snowboard, Ski, Tubing (I love winter/water activities, let’s have a snowball fight, I’ll win! *haha* :) I Love Italian Food. Good Kisser (I’m told). Always Thinking. GEMINI. “I’ll Give You My Hand, if You Reach Out And Grab it.” Sweet And Romantic. My Favorite Color Is RED and YELLOW (kills a fellow). I’m a COASTIE! (again, just ask) I Love Traveling. I Think I Was Brought Up Really Well. Patient. Miniature Golf Is Fun! Movies. “Looks Will Get My Attention, But Personality Will Keep You Around.” Caring. Probably My One Bad Habit Is Spending Too Much Time In Front Of A Computer. Diets Are For Idiots, Just Exercise A Lot! Snuggling. I’ve Always Wanted To Hug A Penguin, They’re Just So Cute! Shibby! Honest And Keeps Secrets. If There Is A Will, There Is A Way. HOUSTON! Has Sexlexia? I Like My “Treasure Trail” Rubbed ;). Never Becomes Angry Unless Provoked. Spontaneous. Let’s Go To A National Park And Hike! Tanning (the natural way). Thinks Differently From Others. Loves Sporadic “Anythings.” Sharp-Minded. White Bengal Tigers Are Cool! Motivates Oneself. Open-Minded. Try Anything At Least Once. High-Spirited. Cuddling. Deep Love And Emotions. Remember, Milk Does A Body Good… And Hey, Everyone Loves A Texas Boy!

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Posted by on March 2nd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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13 Responses to “Profile: Caleb”

  1. ecm

    This is really interesting.
    You’re a cutie!


  2. Mak

    I’ll trade you genitals! XD


  3. Chase

    Wow, yr very handsome!
    Good luck getting the surgery :]


  4. Puff

    Very cool profile! Just because I feel the need to add my two cents, I’d like to point out that, while you identify as male despite your discontent with your genitals, not all transwomen or female-identifying people feel the need to “sashay around in a dress and heels” to feel comfortable in their own skins. So, without trying to de-validate your identity, I’d have to argue that the fact that you ALSO don’t feel the need to do those things isn’t a very accurate way to differentiate yourself from transwomen. Other than that, great profile! You seem cool!


  5. J

    I feel the same way, kind of. I’m a biological female who wishes she was born male but doesn’t detest her vagina but detests her breasts. It’s complicated!

    Anywho, you are lovely! <3


  6. Beth

    I’m in a similar boat as J. I wish I had no breasts, but I’m kind of ambivalent about my other bits. Having not been born male I don’t necessarily want to become one, but I’m not comfortable in a female body either.

    I’m glad you poked your head into GF because there don’t seem to be many as many profiles coming from a male-bodied perspective.


  7. Me too

    I am a guy with a penis, but for fifteen years now I’ve wanted to be a guy with a vagina. Ambivalent about augmented breasts, and I wouldn’t dress any differently than I do now either.

    I am bisexual but I have never acted on attraction to men.


  8. Anonymous

    Looks like you’re not alone! I am a cis boy and from time to time I’ve thought about how useful it would be to have a vagina, although unlike you I’m not dysphoric about my penis. I guess I’d like to be able to swap out at will, while continuing to present as a faggy boy. One of my lovers, who’s a trans guy who has (and usually likes having) concave parts, and I have often fantasized about temporarily swapping our bits… it would sure be fun.


  9. Anonymous

    I just want to add that there is nothing wrong with “sashaying around in public in dress and heels,” for men or for women or for anyone else. We all have our ways of being gorgeous.


  10. Lilybean

    I know it’s on the big list of things-not-to-ask-gender-variant-people, but I’d be interested to know how you’d go about turning your body into what it should be – as far as I know, in the UK at least you have to ‘live as a woman’ (what?) for 2 years with hormones before they’ll do any surgery.

    I apologise if this is impolite to ask… :]


  11. Dan

    I wish we could trade genitals.


  12. garplord

    Hi I feel like you I am a male and i hate my penis. Like you I cant afford surgery but what I have started to do is to wear a gaff wich is like a pantie and it lifts it all up into your cavity and when you feel it your whole male parts are virtualy gone. This makes me feel more correct by making my organ feel inverted and its the best thing I have ever bought. It was under thirty dollars too. I hope this helps.


  13. FREAK

    I agree :) Well, I’m a transmale but I’m perfectly fine with not having a penis.


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