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You can call me… Ezmyrelda or Ezmy for short.

I identify as… mtf transsexual femme lesbian.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … the ones appropriate for women.

I’m attracted to… Femme Women. Women in general. Intelligence. Adventure, cuteness.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Remember that whatever my outward appearance is, I am a sweet loving girl that values compassion.

I want people to understand… Gender-variant people come in all shapes and sizes too.

About Ezmyrelda
I was born in Seattle, Washington and moved around a lot as young child. When I was 11 my Father died and I focused on my resentment of his death for 15 years until I decided to grow up and realized that my problems didn’t stem from his death but from trying to hide my femininity from myself.

I have been in the local dance scene where I live for around twelve years and enjoy dancing, dj’ing, and producing electronic music.

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Posted by on October 2nd, 2010 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Profile: Ezmyrelda”

  1. Simon

    I love your name and your confidence. Also it’s super cool that you dj :)

    Oh and “Intelligence. Adventure, cuteness”? Ha amen, I could’ve written that.


  2. Imogen Quest

    Awww, you’re adorable. <3


  3. Jessica

    It is great when people find themselves and realize their potential. I hope you had some good and understanding friends who saw you through your transition… and are with you still. It is funny how so many people will talk about transitioning as something you go through and then it is done – like breaking your leg. Then you heal and it’s done… nothing could be further from the truth.

    I remember a great cartoon from the New Yorker: two Buddhist monks, one very old and one very young. The old one says, “Nothing happens now. This is it.”


  4. elise

    wow, you’re beautiful!

    this isn’t a very substantial comment.. but I couldn’t not tell you :)


  5. epinards

    Very nice to meet you Ezmy. I like what you said about your development process. Adulthood is so hard-won, and so very delicious.


  6. LL

    you’re gorgeous! x


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