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You can call me… Hikaru. My real name sounds too girly. Better don’t “baby” or “sweetie” me.

I identify as… genderqueer. I have my girlish moments and my boyish moments. I look girly and I’m short, therefore I always get the “if you behave manly, they will think it’s a joke” feeling, but behaving girly enough to “fit my figure” would make me totally uncomfortable and would be absolutely fake.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I get only “she” all the time but I wouldn’t mind some “he”s either.

I’m attracted to… Androgynes. Girls in suits, gentlemanly men. I do not really like overly girly men, but macho men are a no-no. My current loves are the male role players of the all-female Japanese revue Takarazuka… girls in suits and fedoras playing the cool male parts. But I like many kinds of girls.

When people talk about me, I want them… not to talk behind my back and if they have any problems with me, they should tell me to my face. Not to judge things they know nothing about.

I want people to understand… that they will find out way more, if they judge me by what I say and how I say it, not merely by the way I look to them. Also, men should realize that there is no rule saying that busty girls have to behave/be girly or ever want to be topped — one of the most annoying assumptions ever.

About Hikaru
23, Czech republic, studying Japanese and economy at university. Most of the time I feel as if I’m not taken seriously at all. People either do not listen to what I say, do not acknowledge what it means or do not think I mean it. I have a sarcastic sense of humour. When provoked, I growl a lot… but that doesn’t mean I won’t bite.

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10 Responses to “Profile: Hikaru”

  1. Jay

    Can I just say that I love the way your hair does that neat flip-out at the end? And cheers for genderqueer!


    Hikaru replied:

    Thanks a lot! It was a pretty random inspiration with the hair actually (^^). Cheers!


  2. Jeanine

    From your detailed description, we have many commonalities… though somehow I don’t think I have undertood myself all the way, so a mirror should be really helpful. Is there a way we can keep in touch? I’m not used to post thing here…but yeah open the door if you may.


    Hikaru replied:

    Yeah, I think so too. I do not understand myself either. I just keep thinking random things over and over and haven’t reached any really satisfying grande finale yet…

    If you check my website (link in the name) there is e-mail and MSN and so (^^). Write write (^^).


  3. Adrien

    I also worry that people won’t take my maleness seriously because I look femme.

    “People either do not listen to what I say, do not acknowledge what it means or do not think I mean it.”
    So succinctly summarizes such a sad situation I also suffer.

    I know, I’m lame.


    Hikaru replied:

    Welcome to my lameness group! *shakes hands with you*
    But I hope one day we’ll find a way to kick their butts in a completely un-lame way! (^^)b


  4. Jessica

    I think that in many times and places women, or people who are perceived as women, or people who identify as women do not get respect. A co-worker of mine is an engineer and also a woman. She says she’s tired of the fact that when she enters a room full of engineers, where she is not known by them, about half of them still wonder if she’s brought the coffee.


    Hikaru replied:

    Yeah, I hear about that all the time. If it’s woman and something technical, she’s got to be the secretary or something (-.-)”.


  5. Ganymede

    Takarazuka revue male characters are, I agree, the epitome of sexiness!


    Hikaru replied:

    We should spread the Takarazuka love a bit more :D. Actually I have a presentation about them by the end of month (^^)b. Maybe I will catch some new fans :D.


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