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You can call me… Jack.

I identify as… a writer. I also happen to be not-gendered, although I like the word androgynous best.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … if singular “they” is good enough for Shakespeare and Marlowe, it’s good enough for me, but I’ll take whatever first comes to mind as long as you stop to think about it. “Sir” sounds awful nice, too.

I’m attracted to… long-faced Englishmen with bad teeth, Shakespearean actors, intellectual types, Pete Townshend, self-deprecating pretentiousness, anything wry, rock ‘n’ rollers, androgynous people.

When people talk about me, I want them to… consider me first and disregard that gender bit. I’d also hope that they’d throw something vaguely related to badassery into the conversation.

I want people to understand… that gender isn’t the grand issue everyone makes it out to be. The lack thereof, however, doesn’t necessarily require a certain look or complicated terminology; it’s possible to utterly be one’s self and flat-out present as such without carrying around unnecessary baggage and explanations. In regards to myself, I’d like people to understand that I’ve been the way I am since I could walk, and that’s still and probably always will be all right by me.

About Jack
I’m a scooter-riding thing with a Keith Richards haircut currently living on the East Coast of the United States, soon to be bound for England and shameless ex-patriotism. I write, play music, and act; I dig rock ‘n’ roll, history, and iambic pentameter along with a few other things.

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10 Responses to “Profile: Jack”

  1. Matthew

    Hey, what a coincidence… Another east coast dwelling, soon to be ex-pat heading to England. And here I thought i was a special little snow flake… ;)

    -A bit of sage advice-
    You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.


  2. Jack

    Whoa. Your profile is the first thing I ever saw on this website and I think I’m in love… or seeing my future self in the mirror. Vanity? Oops.

    The name. The geography. The love of iambic pentameter and actual awareness of who Marlowe is. Plus the love of history and rock ‘n roll. Oh and that whole fuck gender thing.

    Good luck, sir, good luck.


  3. AJ

    Those long faced Englishmen with bad teeth get me every time, too. :D


  4. tigr

    Whee, you look like Bob Dylan in that movie … forgot its name right now, the one with lots of different actors? :) Have fun in England, beware of the food, get a kitchen & umbrella :p Otherwise, it can be quite nice, as far as i can tell after one year of living here…


  5. Matthew

    Yeah man… Kinda interesting who you can find on here. Kindred Spirits ‘R’ Us, I suppose. And Marlowe- I kind of want to hear your thoughts on the Edward II movie…

    And as I was typing this, The Immigrant Song came up on my itunes shuffle… Go figure.

    Go forth my friend, and may only good things come to you.


  6. dchan

    I think I am in love with you facial expression in that picture. It’s very fabulous! :D


  7. Simon

    God, you’re so cool!


  8. Edi



  9. Edie

    Holy god, Jack, man, hullo. I was scrolling down and nearly fell out my chair when I *recognized* someone on here. You look awfully handsome, when do you leave for England, I WISH TO MEET YOU FIRST. (I lurk genderfork so I can chat with my genderqueer gentleman about it.)


  10. Scut

    omg hey Jack :D


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