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You can call me… Jes

I identify as… an oddity of effeminate masculinity. I’m 22, and straight most of the time.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … they are pretty much useless. “He” /”She” /”They” are just labels to be used by those who lack knowledge.

I’m attracted to… Beautiful women, intelligence, and every once in a while, a cute guy.

When people talk about me, I want them to… understand that just because I am feminine, it doesnt mean I am homosexual. Most people are out of gender norms anyway, and just because society deems it necessary to dictate every part of our lives, there are those of us who can give society a middle finger.

I want people to understand… we are who we are, and they have no right to change that. Keep an open mind, and try to trust.

About Jes
A senior at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. I am currently majoring in Information Systems Security, am in the Marching Band, Alliance, Drum Corps, and am a lover of all things odd. I cosplay, compete in Cod4 and Halo, and love hanging out with my ladies at the mall.

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Posted by on February 9th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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12 Responses to “Profile: Jes”

  1. the raven

    just have to put my two cents in and say you sound amazing. goodness me.


  2. johnathan

    oh my goodness your in marching band and drum corps!! just because of that your even more amazing to me!


  3. nick

    Nice picture. You looks like the perfect prince charming in the movies who for some reason always has a British accent.


  4. Anonymous

    Peter Petrelli!


  5. Anonymous

    I’m pleased with what you’ve said- and I agree with all of it.


  6. shadowcat

    i find boys like you incredibly attractive. and i’m generally not into boys. you remind me of my friend in many ways. i have a total boy crush on him, which grew exponentially when he recently told me about the times when he’s been not so straight. i don’t know why but i think it’s hot.


  7. SK

    Well damn you’re attractive. I keep considering calling myself gay, for simplicity’s sake, but then guys like you come along and it’s like “NO dammit, I can dig femininity regardless of what gendered body it’s in, and that’s a valid way for me to feel/identify, so there.”

    So yeah. Anyway, way to be awesome :)


  8. Claudius Maximus

    Jess is good to see a man in touch with his femenine side.


  9. Ryn

    You are so hot. …Just thought you might like to know. xD


  10. shinymasochism

    hot damn, keep on rocking you cause its pure awesomesauce.
    i agree with your comments on society’s strictly constructed views on gender, and i love the way you word it.
    also gotta say i agree w/ SK ^^


  11. Anonymous

    From what I know about you, you’re really attractive.
    -A straight female who is not questioning her gender and is feminine in most regards, and thus feels odd on this website, even though it rocks.


  12. Anonymous

    You are incredibly attractive, just sayin’.
    Rock on, mister!


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