Profile: Ji

You can call me… Ji

I identify as… Bigendered-Androgyne; both man and woman in some form or another.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … They or He. I identify as more masculine than feminine, but you wouldn’t believe how many people fuss about singular “they!”

I’m attracted to… Masculinity of all variant flavours, including androgyny, in another’s physical , mental, or both, regardless of identity or anatomical configuration.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Talk about my strengths as an individual, the pleasantness of my person, and maybe the character flaws that could use a little polishing. Beyond my category labels, my road map instructions; I want people to know my landscapes and tourist attractions.

I want people to understand… That being straight forward and honest is far less hurtful than pretending and waiting for me to turn my back. I can take upfront criticism and disapproval from another individual with both of our identities and opinions intact.

About Ji
I’m a survivor of childhood abuse and mentally ill parental influence, and I’ve found that the only place I get by trying to cut my way through the jungle back to the mythical main road is lost in the middle of my own winding snake trails. As I have the power to cut my own road, and find my own destiny, I have the power to shape the face of my unique identity. But the truth is this: you don’t need to have come from a fragmented background to be in that position. Each and every one of us all have our unique identities in the palm of our hands. Most importantly, these unique identities are, in reality, free from any rules or regulations the jungle would like us to believe.

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7 Responses to “Profile: Ji”

  1. Lane

    I love your “about” section. It feels like it should be turned into a poem.


  2. kendall

    You’re cute, I wish I looked a little more like you, I am a singular they too. If you lived in Toronto I’d be all… what do you like videogames or bookstores or coffee I can do stuff like that come hang out! But you likely live far. Oh well, keep up your whole being strong and cute thing.


  3. J.D.

    I really like how you related peoples’ perceptions of you to a road map. You’re totally right, but to take it a step further, tourist attractions are great, but its those little secret local places that you have to stick around to get to know that are really worthwhile. The ones off the beaten path that make an area (or in this case a person) really interesting. You seem like someone I’d like to get to know because you’re so relaxed and yet still outspoken. Keep doing what you’re doing, let those tourist attractions draw people in, but make sure they stick around to listen and find those other places, because you seem like the sort who has a lot to say if given the time to say it, and the right words spoken at the right moment in time to the right person can change the world. Don’t ever lose your perspective; you seem to have one that gives you a nice vantage point on the world. Use that to your advantage, and don’t ever stop being you.


  4. Jessica

    You remind me of me, as I should have been, if I’d really been so clever and aware as the person I was when I was approaching 20. You make me want to fast forward you and see how you turn out 20 years on… Not to say that you’d be any more “done” then.


  5. Quinn

    You have a gift for language, friend.


  6. Andrea

    best of luck and many blessings for you


  7. Lyn Aven

    Hey, it’s Ji! Heh, now I know what shirt you were wearing in that picture; I’d only ever seen it cropped from the neck up for your avatar.


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