Profile: Kid

You can call me… Kid.

I identify as… a soft-butch queer. A boi, of sorts–with female “parts”.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … any work for me.

I’m attracted to… androgynous beings. Blondes, redheads. Slightly inflated egos. Artists. Tattoos. Musicians. Anyone with a sense of adventure and good taste in movies.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that there’s more to me than being shy. And that if you really want to know me, you have to stick around for a little while.

I want people to understand… that love is beautiful, in all of its forms. That not everything needs to be ‘this’ or ‘that’. It’s okay to be grey.

About Kid
I’m a daydreamer. The world I’ve created in my head is far more pleasurable than what I have in reality. I’m laid-back, lazy, and lonely. I like to cuddle. I’m an English major who wants to be a film studies major. I love Boston. I’m awkward, shy, and complex. Usually I don’t make a bit of sense. I like people, but I’m afraid of crowds. I like to write, but I hardly read. I love to swim, but I’m afraid of water. I strive for freedom, but I’m afraid to drive and still don’t have my license. I can’t connect with my family, but I love being around them. My Grampy told me to act like a lady, but all I’ve ever wanted was to be a gentleman. I could go on like this forever, but I don’t want to waste your time. I’m a little odd.

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Posted by on December 7th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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11 Responses to “Profile: Kid”

  1. Anonymous

    You are a quality person.


  2. Neal

    Ahh, I love and identify with all those contradictions at the end! I imagine we’d get along quite well if were in the same country.
    Here’s to a wonderful life for you!


  3. Lane

    I can relate to so much of this. I too am shy, afraid of crowds and afraid of driving. I eventually got my license, but am still nervous every time I have to make a left turn. Its slowly getting better. And I’m attracted to slightly inflated egos :-)


  4. LQ

    You sound like a really totally lovely person. I wouldn’t mind knowing you at all.


  5. Kid

    I submitted this profile almost a year ago. Tonight, completely out of the blue, I got the urge to check out genderfork for the first time in months. What are the odds of that?

    Kind of weird to see my own face looking back at me, to be honest. Hah.

    Also– Thanks you guys, you’re too sweet. <3


  6. CYR

    dear god, please marry me.


  7. Sanna

    I feel all fuzzy inside after reading this, knowing that there’s more people out there like me.


  8. Anonymous

    I feel less alone now. Hope you do too. (:


  9. Chris

    You are adorable


  10. Sonia

    You are just the sort of walking contradiction that I find delightful and am drawn to. I think you’re adorable. :)


  11. Fay

    I’m glad there is someone out there who is as much of a contradiction as I am =D


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