Profile: Le Mademoiselle Christophe

Le Mademoiselle Christophe

You can call me… Elegant, or Le Mademoiselle Christophe.

I identify as… both man and woman at the same time.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer male ones, and like to be “confused” with a woman and treated as such from time to time.

I’m attracted to… Females of all genders [from masculine to feminine] and androgynous, delicate males — no machos ;)

After all, it’s person, not biological sex, that matters :).

When people talk about me, I want them to… use my name or specific title in “unofficial” conversation, and be tolerant enough not to use hateful phrases or insinuations.

I want people to understand… that there’s more than one gender and it’s sometimes harmful to impose dichotomy on others.

Le Mademoiselle Christophe
Amateur photographer, model, inventor, bibliophile and dark independent music fan. Feminist, pro-LGBTQ, into queer/gender studies. Interested in fashion and beauty, too :). Loves corsets, make-up, high heels, leather, suits, tailcoats, furs, boots and tuxedos. Despises violence, conformity and lack of autonomical thinking, manipulation, stupidity and fundamentalism.

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Posted by on June 9th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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5 Responses to “Profile: Le Mademoiselle Christophe”

  1. Gib

    ;) You do a wonderful job of “confusing” the eyes of anyone who’s used to the binary system. I feel like the person you are, regardless of sex, is visible, and there’s no treacherous part of my mind (I’m ashamed to admit that there usually is) saying, “Ah, ze’s of so-and-so biological sex.


  2. Anonymous

    OH MY GOD. I am in love with this picture.


  3. ElegantAndrogyne

    Thanks! :)


  4. kendall

    2. you shouldve loved it January 30th, 2010 the first time it went around *eye roll*

    I mean I swear there’s the same 10 people in every profile lately, like genderfork has run out of fodder and keep using miss k, mme christophe,wheeldog,harper, and naomi has 2 profiles


  5. Anonymous

    You look wonderful! That outfit is brilliantly composed, and I love the way you hold yourself.


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