Profile: Lotte

You can call me… Lotte

I identify as… an alternative to the classic idea of feminine and a bisexual punk

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I identify as female, so female ones please. I occasionally get male pronouns, but most of the time this just amuses me

I’m attracted to… strong personalities, intelligence, humour and beautiful tattoos

When people talk about me, I want them to… say it to my face. Most don’t and it’s cowardly and sad.

I want people to understand… that although I identify with the gender that I was ‘born with’ (female), I’m questioning what it is to be female. What femininity really is and why people like me get wrongly labeled because they struggle to fit into ‘normal’ ideas of being female.

About Lotte
My name is Lotte, I am 18 years old and I’m a photography student. I live with my mother, who is okay with my sexuality, but wants me to remove my piercings and grow my hair. There’s also my little brother, who is completely indifferent and just grunts at me, and my cat – who just wants food and cuddles. Unsuprisingly, my cat is my favourite.
I’m obsessed with lighthouses and rats and cats.

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Posted by on December 29th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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7 Responses to “Profile: Lotte”

  1. Elle

    Lotte, that has to be one of the coolest ‘hawks I’ve ever seen, love the sideburns! Keep on questioning what it is to be female, gender is just a bunch of stereotypes anyway.


  2. Anonymous

    Cats are always the best.


  3. Sampaguita

    I absolutely -LOVE- your hair! And you have really beautiful eyes, too!


  4. Anonymous

    I love your hair and your jacket. And your piercings! :) You’re gorgeous.


  5. Angel

    I love your hair!!!!! I can’t get my hair to co-operate that well!!!


  6. Anonymous

    Hot Mohawk. Speaking of lighthouses, if you haven’t already you should read virgina woolf’s ‘to the lighthouse’ Woolf is, perhaps, one of the most famous people who challenged typical fem/masc characteristics and the gender bianary. Keep up the good work


  7. Jess Five

    Rock on. Queer punks unite!


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