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You can call me… miran, miranda.

I identify as… a fat queer, a fat genderqueer, a fat dyke, a fat lesbo… anything that has to do with the abject, I suppose.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … it all depends, i guess. you call me sir today, i might not mind. you call me sir tomorrow, i might cry. the same goes for man, as well. i’m sensitive.

I’m attracted to… SNP and curves… that’s about all i can say, right now. i’m not sure who i become attracted to until it happens… and usually when i think about the attraction, it makes sense.

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about who i am rather than who they think i am or who they think i think i am– i don’t know. i’m sensitive.

I want people to understand… that i understand they’re (most) trying to understand. i guess that’s all that counts.

About Miran
i am a crazy maniac for SNP and i’m a senior at OSU majoring in women’s studies and sexuality studies. i have 2 animals of the cat variety… i hang out with my little bro a lot and just uploaded some vids of him “rollerblading”… or falling. he’s a geek like me. don’t worry, i won’t get into my nerdrom here. i don’t have enough time!

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7 Responses to “Profile: Miran”

  1. jean c.

    oh, I am ignorant and/or curious… what is SNP? I am assuming you’re not talking about the scottish national party or single nucleotide polymorphisms, which is all Google (usually a useful resource for unknown acronyms) could help me out with… ???


  2. Biochemistry geek

    oh please say that it is single nucleotide polymorphisms, I’d fall in love with you instantly


  3. Regis

    “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” makes me shudder. I really shouldn’t have taken a genetics paper last semester.


  4. Anonymous

    that would be the initials of a now ex…guess love and attraction are fluid too


  5. Miranda and Will

    My birth-given-name is Miranda, too! I actually thought about Miran, it’s a great name! <3
    Everything else also fits me. We are like doppelgangers!


  6. kendall

    I know a miranda, she prefers randy though..with a y not an i..


  7. andy

    hey there, i got some buddies around osu looking for more queer folks. if you’re ever looking for friends let me know



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