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You can call me… Yours. Or Mitja. I don’t like my real name, it’s far too feminine to do my complex personality justice.

I identify as… genderqueer. Let’s put it as simple as that. Okay wait. I identify as someone who’s in between and who feels comfortable there. It’s like snuggling to a campfire, a cozy little place that keeps me warm. That’s how comfortable I am in between.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’ve been called “sir” as well as “madam,” people said “your boyfriend” instead of “your girlfriend” to my ex and though it used to bother me I simply do not care anymore. I take pleasure in it. I don’t like gender-neutral pronouns, though. They don’t feel natural in the way that I would have to tell people which pronouns they should use and, to me, that doesn’t feel right. As long as people recognize me and that I’m not easy to label, then I don’t care what they call me. Except for b*tch or something. Kidding.

I’m attracted to… A pretty face, above all. Lately I’m having trouble defining what I’m attracted to, physically or otherwise, but besides that I know that I am only attracted to girls. Emotionally, intelligence and passion are something that draws me in.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Mostly I want them to talk about me like I’m special. Like I’m someone that fascinates them. I can be pretty self-centered, yes.

I want people to understand… That above all I’m human too, trying to find my place in this world and that I’m making mistakes like everyone else. I want them to understand that there’s more to me than meets the eye and that they should not judge me by first glimpse cause I’m sure they would not want it the other way round, right.

About Mitja
Mitja lives in a small town in Germany and, though it’s a bore there, Mitja feels totally at home. Mitja is currently applying to get into school again so that she can study Gender Studies someday. Apart from dreaming, listening to music and taking photos of self, playing soccer is one of Mitja’s biggest pleasures. Mitja has a blog, too:

» Define yourself. «

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10 Responses to “Profile: Mitja”

  1. Quince

    Love this <3


  2. the raven

    you sound like a wonderful person.


  3. Jack

    >>I’m attracted to… A pretty face, above all.

    >>they should not judge me by first glimpse


  4. Amy

    Why are you in Germany? Haha, you should be closer to me. ;)

    I love the simplicity of all of your statements, and I totally agree on the gender neutral pronouns; telling someone what to call you just so that they don’t start identifying you as a girl or a boy is selfish. People should be comfortable enough in their own gender to allow people to make mistakes and live with it.


  5. Hanna

    So gorgeous! *swoon*


  6. Carolyn

    your words are just as gorgeous as you.


  7. Anonymous

    Why are Germans so lovely?


  8. Lyn Aven

    I totally agree on the pronoun thing. I’m totally happy being in the middle, too (and happy being on either end or anywhere on the spectrum in between, but I mostly hang out in the middle) and I just can’t identify with the thought of using invented words as pronouns. I generally just default to the pronoun that matches my appearance (“him” IRL, or whatever I signed up as online) and let it be, because when it comes down to it I’m just a human being.


  9. Claudia

    I don’t think it’s selfish, however, to ask people to call you what you’re comfortable with if you’re comfortable with gender-neutral pronouns. Asking someone to identify you for you are is not a selfish act. Choosing not to use gender-neutral pronouns just ’cause you don’t like them is totally cool, though.

    Just sayin’. What’s not right for some isn’t right for none!


  10. Corvus

    SAMESIES. I can relate.


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