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You can call me… Naomi. For now, anyway. I’m brainstorming ideas for an androgynous name. I might just use Nay, which was my nickname in elementary school.

I identify as… genderqueer, pansexual, polyamorous, semi-asexual, sex-positive, radical in probably too many ways.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … ze/hir, he/him, preferably anything but she/her. But I’m used to the latter, so I don’t really mind it.

I’m attracted to… bois, genderqueers, women, trans men, androgynous men, transwomen, intersex people, femmes, butches, etc. I’m generally more interested in the female and transmasculine spectrum, but I am in a serious, long-term relationship with a cisgender guy. What matters most to me is common ground.

When people talk about me, I want them to… take my gender seriously. Try to understand my gender, and not think that something as minor as a skirt once in a while could suddenly negate my entire gender identity.

I want people to understand… why it’s senseless to harass someone simply because of their gender or gender presentation, and that you can’t change a person’s gender to fit your expectations.

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Posted by on May 30th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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13 Responses to “Profile: Naomi”

  1. Kejt

    I really like the way you present yourself in this and what you have to say. and I’m glad that some fellow genderqueers don’t want to feel like they’re putting their entire identity at stake should they feel like putting on a skirt or a dress once in a queer moon.


  2. Milo

    Wow, I like this. You’re the most well formed bio that’s been on this site in a while. I like it!


  3. Bubblegum Blues

    I love your hair and piercings!

    “Try to understand my gender, and not think that something as minor as a skirt once in a while could suddenly negate my entire gender identity.”

    YES. Totally agree with this. So annoying when people pick up on all the “normal” things you do and deem them to be more “true” than anything even slightly queer.


  4. tim

    wow, you are stunning.


  5. ian

    Try out naya (n-eye-uhh). I have a guy friend named naya (flaming queen but love him)… Good luck love!

    AND diggin your profile.. I feel the same way.


  6. Lexi

    You are amazing in every single way that I know about from this profile.

    I like Naya…


  7. Jessica

    Too many people are afraid of being radical. I agree wholehearted with “you can’t change a person’s gender to fit your expectations.” But that doesn’t prevent people from trying time and time again. See definition for insanity.


  8. Cat

    Hey Naomi! :D This is the Cat you know on; I’d love to post a profile on here but it’ll be a while before I have an occasion to have a not-boring accompanying picture. (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s bad to assume androgyny = flamboyance…)

    I do like Nay. It’s symbolic, as in, “I say Nay to the gender binary!” Shall I start calling you that now?


  9. kendall

    Absolutely no disrespect for you but how come you have 2 profiles? Also: Do you feel like you’ve significantly changed in the last 6 months or so?


  10. ulla

    Semi asexual?


  11. Naomi

    I have two profiles because the first one didn’t get posted for a really long time, and I thought they weren’t going to post it. I made this one in like December, and I honestly wasn’t expecting them to post it (I actually requested that they not post it when I saw the first one).

    I have indeed changed in terms of gender presentation, and I’m still changing. I don’t even look like this picture anymore. I wish we could change our pictures without submitting a new profile.

    As for being semi-asexual:


  12. Anonymous

    Wow. You are really, really attractive.


  13. Michael

    You look good no matter what gender you are. I would totally buy you coffee/chocolates/flowers/pants?


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