Profile: Reece

You can call me… Reece

I identify as… a boy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Male. Every time I don’t pass, I cringe and wish I had facial hair.

I’m attracted to… Women. Sexy, confident women. Feminine preferably, although I do love them all.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Remember who I was and see who I am now and how much happier I’ve become. They may not understand it, but it’s hard not to notice the happiness.

I want people to understand… I’m just trying to be me.

About Reece
Well, I’m an 18 year old transguy. I enjoy a nice pair of tits and a violent video game. I’m taking off from college until I get my transition together and I’m working as an Apple specialist. I’m alive. I’m happy. I’m slowly finding myself. I won’t be satisfied until I get a ferret and name it Barbara Walters.

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22 Responses to “Profile: Reece”

  1. Jen

    hey, that’s kinda what I’m trying to get my hair to do.


  2. Anonymous

    barbara walters…hah! that’s brilliant. :D


  3. J.D.

    if you ever find yourself in PA lets violent videogame k?


  4. Oliver

    Facial hair would be so fantastic…
    Stay strong, brother.


  5. Alley

    When I first saw the picture I wondered why a cis guy would post his profile here :)


  6. clownfish

    Am I the only person feeling pretty uncomfortable with the objectifying language in the blurb at the bottom of this profile? I thought this was a site where we were respectful about people’s bodies, and didn’t fetishise individual body parts*. If I wanted to read that kind of stuff, there’s the whole rest of the internet, and, y’know, the world. :/ I come here because I feel like peoploe here are treated as individuals, and not like they are pieces of meat.
    I don’t have a problem with the rest of the profile, or with this person, I just feel like that kind of language is out of place in an inclusive community like this.

    *I find this site generally to be really supportive and respectful of others’ bodies and identities.


    Elle replied:

    I’ll admit that it caught my attention too, but I can’t say it made me uncomfortable. Maybe I’m encouraging objectifying behavior, but I assumed the comment was more about average teenage obsession with sex than an attempt to marginalize anyone or their anatomy.


    sam replied:

    The average teenage obsession with sex does have a serious dose of objectification of women in it. As do many cultural concepts of “maleness” which affect cis and trans guys alike. I noticed it clownfish and didn’t much like it but the person is young, perhaps in an ambiguous or objectifying relationship with his own body right now, and perhaps will develop more caring and expansive language as he becomes more solid in his own self.

    To the person whose profile this is, let me just say how happy I am that your journey is making you happy! That is a really awesome signal that something is going right.


  7. Anonymous

    thirding/fourthing having a problem!

    I don’t think that being into “violent videogames” and “a nice pair of tits” should qualify as something interesting about you or worthy of mention. I get that you’re trying to assert something about how extremely, virulently, powerfully male you are; I don’t get why that has to come through condoning violence and the objectification of women. it does NOT make me feel comfortable to read on this site about someone who says they’re into a “great pair of tits”: the rest of the world already has that message for female-bodied people, hetero and queer alike.

    toward a queerer, more hopefuller, more feminister future for all, and let’s leave the rhetoric of the binary in the past, xoxo yrs in the struggle,


    Hanna replied:

    Hear hear!


    Elle replied:

    Your comment “I get that you’re trying to assert something about how extremely, virulently, powerfully male you are; I don’t get why that has to come through condoning violence and the objectification of women,” is horribly and sadly accurate. For the most part, that’s how the world teaches boys they need to act if they want to be considered men. It’s parallel to the process that teaches girls to be empty-headed submissive sex toys if they want to snag a man and start squeezing out babies. Transpeople are just as vulnerable to this indoctrination as cispeople.


  8. Tualha



  9. Anonymous

    aww he’s just trying to establish his masculinity, give him a few years


    Anonymous replied:

    But why does masculinity have to be defined by objectification of women?

    No doubt, I adore a flattering chest, too. And I think most women are gorgeous. But when I feel like being a male, I don’t suddenly change my attitude about women from respectful and admiring to domineering and superior.


    Elle replied:

    That’s a really good question. I’d say that masculinity doesn’t have to be defined by objectification of women, but it often is. Maybe even usually is. It sucks, it’s yet another thing that needs to change in the world, probably at a pace no faster than one person at a time. In the big picture, a teenage boy’s appreciation for a nice pair of tits is totally forgivable.


    Anonymous replied:

    Very true. It is forgivable. And, well, I think those of us who are attracted to people with ‘tits’ can admit that we’ve all had that moment where we thought, “Wow, what a nice freakin’ rack.”
    But it’s never, ever been something I’ve been very comfortable with, regardless of who is saying it and who is receiving the attention. It just doesn’t sit well with me, you know?

  10. kendall

    I like boobs of whatever size on a girl with an awesome personality, I love breasts on women comfortable with having breasts, when I end up dating genderqueer bois we kind of just keep our binders on and don’t talk about it but when a femme is all, oh yeah I have boobs why are you glaring at me like that? I do like tits, I just hate calling them that. I also love getting a headshot on a zombie and thinking I oughta make my hair lighter to look more like leon kennedy, and winding down after being called ma’am and having someone LITERALLY return a 59c can of soup, which required 2 pages of paperwork and a manager’s key. I don’t think these are specific character flaws. I think they enhance his boyhood. If he had said, I like a good book, and a snuggle. Everyone would applaud him. I think he is probably a multifauceted creature and his arrogance and misogyny are only the tip of the iceberg to his warmth towards animals, irony, and appreciation of aging talkshow hosts. I think if he had said, girls with nice boobs [not even big boobs] it would’ve been fine because it would’ve been an asset to a person and not a objectification. Eff all y’all I like girls not wearing shirts, or wearing just bras, or wearing low cut shirts, or wearing nothing, or wearing something loose and jumping on trampolines while drunk and laughing and asking if I want to come play too. I just think he went about it the wrong way, but blood and guts and gore, and mammory type chest fat is epic. Don’t hate on some immature insecure kid going through changes, when you’ve been there yourself. He’s learning who he is, there are cismen and transmen who annoy me, but mostly the gym bunnies who quote ani difranco every 10 mins. Oh no no I’m a tough macho guy who loves listening to lesbian folkmusic but I’m stealth, right? …I see nothing wrong with working out or ani or anything. He isn’t hurting anyone, and chances are if you’re going around sayin TITS all the time, you’re not going to see any outside of porn, and he’ll learn that.


  11. kendall

    Also the same sexy confident feminine women who he claims to like so much, would probably have no problem in correcting him, as to: “ugh did you just say tit? ew..” or maybe they own their sexuality and don’t mind because they know its said in an ironic sense since its possible that someone who’ve possessed breasts may have had them objectified themselves and are trying to project attentions elsewhere. I think being overly macho is part of the coming out trans process sometimes because you have a lot to prove, and a lot of lost time to make up for, and you’re blurring your own boundaries and I just think, as I do love breasts in general, minus my own, that the sexy confident feminine woman I’ve been trying to court, doesn’t mind when I tell her her shirt is really flattering… [read: makes your huge boobs look huge] but if I said, hey bitch nice tits, we’d have to have a talk…about how we would no longer be talking. Bois trying to date feminist studies majors for the win.


  12. Elle

    Like I said above, I noticed it but I wasn’t offended. The whole idea of male-leaning trans/queer type people needing to go a little more stereotypically macho than they’d othwerwise prefer makes perfect sense. As a fairly femme fellow, the few times I’ve been told I have a nice pair of tits were euphoric. Screw feminist studies, I’ve got nice tits, woohoo!!!


  13. kendall

    Not to mention there are transmen who date men, and they are still considered male, so being a straight guy just comes off as more threatening which I think is kind of ridiculous, I think if he is conflicted with his own chest but can still appreciate someone else’s while having beard envy, then that speaks volumes as well. There are also very screwed up cisgirls who have tried to emotionally domme me in weird ways and took my shirt off in public infront of friends to humilate me about my chest infront of other transmen to prove some kind of point, I would rather know upfront a guy is into boobs than to date a butch girl who is stoked about being a girl violate me during pride infront of people I know but she had never met…on the basis of, nice tits. I mean I have been epically screwed around more by women than I ever was by men, and I get comments while at work… HEH HEH HEH EXTRA LARGE CONDOMS KNOW WHAT THATS FOR WHATCHU DOIN AFTER WORK?


  14. kendall

    Point is, the only prerequisit for being kind of a misogynistic person who treats a female bodied human like meat, is being human. Disrespect comes in all genders and can be projected towards all genders…and if someone acts like they have the upperhand to deflect their own pain, then that’s not disgusting behaviour much more than that it is self preservation.


  15. Anonymous

    I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and I can’t describe how excited I got when I saw your picture here. You’ve inspired me, believe it or not, to start displaying the gender I’ve always felt inside. Thanks.


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